REVIEW by Katherine: Divide and Conquer by Carmen Fox

Two women. One Prophecy. Zero places to hide.

How the hell does a physicist like Lea Daniels get dragged into a fight to save a magical kingdom? A lousy prophecy, that’s how. To survive, she must entrust her future to jaded warrior Nieve, whose kick-ass powers blatantly defy the laws of nature.

Nieve, for her part, isn’t exactly thrilled either about her new role as a mentor to a “chosen one” who can’t tell a sword from a hairbrush.

Together, the mismatched duo must protect Seattle, the world, and the realm beyond from the conquering ambitions of a cut-throat king. The good news is, they’re not alone. The bad news is that, as former foes assemble to take a stand beside them, it quickly becomes clear everyone has an agenda.







About the Book

Divide And Conquer
by Carmen Fox

Champions of Elonia Book One

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

Smart Heart Publishing

Publication Date
November 20, 2018

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Katherine’s Review

I saw on Goodreads after reading Divide & Conquer that this is referenced as paranormal romance and I think that is 100% misleading. Yes, the two main characters do sort of  pair off romantically with partners (at the very end!), but there is no romantic scenes, basically no shared affection (one sex scene that is alluded to but does not occur on the pages, mind you) until like 60% through the book. Do not go into the story expecting some swoony romance because you might be let down (this was way more a bromance (sistermance?) between the two main characters than any sort of romantic relationship). This is no way a romance, but most certainly an Urban Fantasy full of battles, action, war training, espionage and court intrigue—oh and magic!

The book was dual narrator by bad-ass, jaded warrior Nieve and nerdy, completely unprepared, quirky Lea. The two could not have been more opposite of characters but it was fun watching the dynamic between them evolve as the book progressed. I loved the banter from Lea and her determination (after she stopped trying to escape). There were a lot of side characters that popped in and out of the story, with just a hint of personality that I would love to learn more about (yep, I am talking about you Markus the perv!) in a future story. This is the first in what is listed as a series so I am intrigued to see what will come next for the characters as well as the Elonian world.

I will admit that I had the hardest time getting into this book. I can’t put my finger on the why of it exactly, but for some reason I just could not connect or stay focused—maybe it was me, maybe the super slow plot, maybe the fact I did not really feel like I knew the characters… And then finally, at like 50%, it just clicked and I became invested in the characters and the very cool, unique world the author was slowly developing. Luckily for this book I never quit, but if I was a normal reader I would have stopped before I was engaged. So I suggest to power through and hope that this is a read for you.

This story is perfect for those who liked the urban fantasy/secret world aspect of Shadow Play by Jill Ramsower or magic and danger of The Spell Weaver Series by Annette Marie.

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