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Is there ever a good time to face an old enemy?

Everyone knows that witches have a flair for melodrama, and Jax has enough to deal with, without babysitting her old arch-rival, Isadora Crowe. But when the StarDust Coven bodies start showing up, Jax begins to believe that the High Priestess’s jeopardy is real.

To add to the detective wizard’s unease, the band of Hammerskins are becoming more ruthless by the day. It’s just a matter of time before they seize power and raze the Realm.

There’s also a brand new magical drug on the market. It’s dangerous, highly addictive, and may be manufactured by vampires. But why? And what is their plan?

Jax’s investigating will push her past every hard limit, including an encounter with a charming vampire she’d do anything to forget.

Dodging savage orcs and wrecking vampire plans, Jax has to race to save Crowe. She finds herself caught in The Witch Hunter’s crosshairs.

When it comes to witches, though, nothing is ever quite as it seems.

A breakneck-paced mix of urban fantasy, irreverent humor and detective noir. Fans of The Dresden Files and Jessica Jones will burn through this addictive urban fantasy series.


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