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Three hot, protective wolf shifters want to claim me as their own… they’re going to have to learn to share.

When I caught Ridge staring at me across the room in that busy nightclub I could feel his desire piercing right through me.

He was tall, chiseled and by far the hottest guy in the room, but I could feel there was something forbidden and dangerous about him.

I felt entranced by him… totally captivated by his alpha male presence.

He had a secret. He was a the most powerful wolf shifter in his pack.

He knew I was inexperienced… I could feel that he wanted to selfishly steal my v-card and claim me.

He wanted to own me, protect me from the dangers on this Island that was my new home.

I knew I should’ve ran as fast as possible in the opposite direction, but I couldn’t move.

I was paralyzed with desire for this guy I knew was off-limits.

Little did I know that other members of his pack, Grayson and Chase, would also want me and will do anything to stake their claim.

I have a secret though – I want them all.

I don’t want to choose one.

Should I let them share me and steal my innocence forever?


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