QUICKIE REVIEW by AmyS: Her Betrothal by Alice Wide – Includes an Excerpt!

Three trapped shifters. A princess destined to rule. One man standing in her way.

The king is dying, and I’ve been tasked with saving the kingdom. But, I’m not sure I want to.

My name is Annalise, and I am the sole heir to the kingdom. Problem is, women aren’t allowed to rule. Thanks to an outdated decree my father has refused to amend, he’s promised my hand in marriage to a man I’ve only just heard of, without my consent.

The whole court seems to be under the spell of my betrothed, and I’m the only one who can see through his outward beauty to the evil within. Now, I only have a few weeks to find a way out, or end up married to the brute. I have no idea how I’ll do it… until I meet them.

My pets.

My leopards.

My strengths three-fold.

HER BETROTHAL is a full-length slow-burn reverse-harem fantasy novel and the first in the Royal Shifters series.




About the Book

Her Betrothal
by Alice Wilde

Royal Shifters Book One

Paranormal Romance
Slow Burn Reverse Harem Romance

Red Empress Publishing

Publication Date
November 22, 2018

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AmyS’s Quickie Review

Her Betrothal is a fun, quick read and a good start to this slow-burn reverse-harem series.  I loved seeing Annalise slowly evolve and take more risks.  She will need all her wits and bravery to have any chance of getting what she wants.  I only wish the story didn’t end as quickly.  If you like good world building and characters that come to life, then this is the book for you.

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“You’ll never catch me,” Annalise called as she pushed through the undergrowth.

“Slow down,” one of the other children yelled, but Annalise only ran faster. She knew the forest far better than any of the others. It was her only escape from the palace and her life as a royal.

Gradually, the sounds of the children behind her grew quieter and then altogether silent, and she smiled to herself. They’d never catch her. Her father would be angry later when he found out she had managed to lose her guards and governess. She hoped they wouldn’t be punished for it, but she had to be free, even for just a few moments.

The trees opened up on a small clearing, the sunlight twinkling through the treetops. This was her favorite place. Annalise only wished she had remembered to bring a book. She could waste hours here among the wildflowers, lying on the soft grass as light breezes blew strands of her hair gently across her face. There was a brook not too far off that hummed merrily and often lulled her to sleep, but today was different.

The birds that often chittered away were silent, the air was stagnant and the usual serenity of the forest was overshadowed by a feeling Annalise could only describe later as “sick butterflies” in her stomach.

Stepping further into the clearing, Annalise caught a glimpse of something lying among the grass and wildflowers. She moved toward it cautiously.

“Hello?” she called, almost whispering for fear of scaring the poor creature, whatever it was.

As she drew closer to it, she realized it was a boy. He was beautiful, his skin, paler than any she had ever seen, was speckled with floating dots of sunlight. Even his lips were an odd shade of blue.

Annalise dropped down to her knees to take a closer look at him. His hair floated in a halo around him, like a soft white cloud. She’d never seen anyone with hair as white as this…not even her grandfather, although he barely had any hair left and was at least a hundred years old. The boy was naked except for a leather collar encrusted with strange, sparkling jewels. Dry blood stained his neck. Annalise reached out to touch him, but just as her fingers brushed against his cheek, her hand shot back. He was cold, icy cold, and in the middle of summer nonetheless!

“Annalise!” an angry voice said from behind her. Turning, she saw her governess, Lady Blackwood, step through the trees, her guards stepping into place behind her. The anger on Lady Blackwood’s face quickly turned to shock as her eyes shifted from Annalise to the boy lying on the grass. “Step away from him this instant!”

Annalise stood as her governess and the guards ran over. One of the guards knelt to examine the boy as Annalise’s governess grabbed her hand and began to lead her back toward the palace.

“What’s wrong with him?” one of the guards asked.

As Lady Blackwood quickly pulled Annalise out of the clearing, she just managed to hear the other guard’s answer.

“He’s dead.”

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