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Orlando Weare broke my heart. So I comforted myself with wine, cheese, carbs and the biggest burger I could find. Not bad for a teetotal, vegan, gluten-free lifestyle blogger. No-one can find out about my spectacular fall from the wagon. I need a place to hide and there’s only one person I can turn to for help. My ex. Shame he’s got his best friend staying at the same time. But now his best friend is the one who could help me regain my sweetheart status, although I didn’t expect to lose my heart again.


I’m only back in Westbourne Water to get the money together for my next travel adventure. Taxi driving, personal training, handyman, you name it, I’ll do it. Anything to get the cash. When my best friend gifts me a station pick up, the last person I expected to collect was his ex. She needs me to help get her back into shape and re-conquer the vlogging world. And besides, she’s loaded. But when our personal training sessions start to get more intimate, the allure of going away again loses its appeal.






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