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I know it’s wrong to desire my bodyguard at a time like this.

Especially when my fiancé was just murdered in cold blood at my concert.

I had everything a girl could want. I had all the fame, fortune and money in the world. I was engaged to bad boy rock star Jon Prinz. Together, we owned the world. But my fiancé was no angel. He was a cheater and had many addictions. Not to mention money. Too much of it. And with that, comes enemies.

Held up in my mansion until things blow over, my protector and I have no choice but to get closer. I should be grieving, but he’s just so damn strong. And did I mention real easy on the eyes?

As the police weren’t coming up with any good leads, my hot bodyguard and I take matters into our own hands. The murderer needs to be found. Someone may be after me too.

Noah Jesensky is the rugged man that protects me, and he stands between the killer and absolute chaos…






He’d saved me from the clutches of death.

But now, so far from his powerful arms, the danger I face is only just beginning…

Will my life ever be normal again?

I thought it could be. After my cheating rockstar fiancé’s death, I was barely saved from a downward spiral. Saved by my strong, sexy bodyguard, Noah Jesensky. A man who, like me, had known tragedy. And who, in the end, had been my only hope of survival.

But then he up and left me.

Now, I’m making my way around the world on a comeback tour. Alongside me, instead, is international pop sensation Embyr. Together, we plan to conquer the world, nay, the universe! If I can only keep myself together for that long…

But everything falls apart on the first night of the tour. A break-in at our hotel. A kidnapping. Embyr and I held hostage. Captive in some god-forsaken warehouse somewhere in London, terrified for our lives.

The world feels like it’s ending all over again.

And now the only man who can save me, is the very same man who left me behind…



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