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The high elven city of Pelanalda is under siege. 

On one side camps the dreaded army of the Draesenith empire, led by the fearsome leader of the giant Draesen people, Katach. On the other side lies the Fay Lands, the chaotic realm of creation that is both imminent danger to Pelanalda as well as the wellspring of its power and glory. Prince Darathel must find a means of survival, but his father the king has shut himself away, driven madder each day by the mythical crown that rests on his head. Katach will stop at nothing to acquire it for himself and his dark god, but the existence of the city is bound to the Crown of Sight and within it rests the power of creation, which Darathel cannot permit to fall into the wrong hands.

From David V. Stewart, author of Muramasa: Blood Drinker and The Water of Awakening, comes a novella from the mythic ages of his high fantasy Eternal Dream setting, where fantasy and philosophy meet.






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