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Lily: I was thrown into an alien gladiator ring as a prize for the victor.

Christophus won me…

He’s kind and sweet and beyond appealing. I’m falling fast, but can I capture his heart?

Christophus: My captors think they’ve broken me, forcing me to fight as a gladiator. But I’ll never perform the one act they desire the most…until they throw Lily into the ring, and I instantly know she is My One. Now I’ll do anything to protect her and win her heart.

Join Christophus & Lily in book two of our Scifi Alien Abduction Romance Series, Minotaur’s Mate.








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About the Book

Minotaur’s Mate
by Christina Wilder & Laney Kaye

Fractured Fairytales & Mangled Myths

Paranormal Romance


Publication Date
October 18, 2019

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A Fractured Fairytales & Mangled Myths Novel
© 2019 Christina Wilder & Laney Kaye



Sunburned boobs were the least of my worries.

Everything that happened over the past few days flew through my mind.

The aliens abducting me and my best friend, Amelia, from Earth.

Them hitting me in the head then forcing Amelia into a cell with a broody, reptilian alien, insisting she and the guy have sex.

Her resisting.

Until one of our captors latched onto me and sunk his teeth into my shoulder, ripping away a chunk of flesh that he chewed and swallowed. In a normal Earth situation—assuming the aliens were jerks on the street—I’d teach them a taekwondo lesson they’d never forget.

With my head injury, I’d been unable to fight back.

As they dragged me away from Amelia, I didn’t know if they’d kill me right away or torture me first. Or continue with their meal and eat me alive. Barely able to think, I couldn’t fight back.

Fear should be clawing its way through me at the moment, but I’d become numb, as if my mind had retreated into itself. Or it was still trying to reconnect all its brain cells.

Blood drizzled from my shoulder wound and I wondered if the mouths of these aliens contained lethal germs. It would be ironic if I died from an infection and not from an alien blade.

My shoulder hurt. A lot. So did my head. Everything spun, as if the world tilted, not me. Tears stung in the back of my eyes, but I held them back. If Amelia could give her body to an alien reptile to save me, I would do whatever they asked of me to help her.

They took me to a room with four long, cylinder chambers that looked creepily like something I’d seen in a sci-fi movie once. In the movie, the chambers had been used to cocoon the person while they slept for a very long time. Stasis, they’d called it.

“Take off clothing,” The alien’s forked tongue hissed out the letters in a deep-throated snarl. “Put on this.” He tossed a one-piece, silver suit onto the floor. “Then lie there.” One of his four arms pointed to the chamber near the back wall.

“What are you doing to me?” I stuttered, my tongue half frozen from terror.

“Take to arena.”

I lifted my chin. “What kind of arena?”

“You see.” His third eyeball, centered above the others, shot to the right, to one of the other aliens hovering nearby, salivating. 

Were they eager to watch me strip?

Think of Amelia.

My friend was willing to do anything, but sex with an alien? How could she bear it? My body quaked at the thought of what they’d ask of me, but I stiffened my spine.

“Turn around,” I said in a no-nonsense voice. “I won’t undress with you two watching.”

“I watch investment,” the second alien said in a phlegmy voice. Hearing its rattle made me want to cough to clear secretions. Or vomit.

“You’re not watching anything,” I said. “Turn or I’m not changing.”

For whatever reason, the second alien did as I demanded, pivoting around to face the entrance, though his head did tilt to a black circle embedded high on the wall.

Better not be a camera.

Undressing quickly, I fumbled, my fingers clumsy from the blow to my head, and stepped into the stinky, stiff, silver one-piece suit, grimacing as I avoided looking too closely at the dark, rusty stains. I wanted to ask them to take it and throw it through a wash cycle before returning it. 

After hauling myself up over the side and falling into what I now knew must be a stasis chamber, I lay on the hard, clear surface, staring up at the sloped white ceiling. My heart rate thundered a feverish rhythm in my throat and tiny stars flickering made me worry I’d pass out. What would happen next? I was scared. More frightened than I’d been that time someone came up behind me and grabbed me on the street. A black belt in taekwondo, I’d made short work of the wannabe robber. Back then, I’d felt confident I could handle anything. Now? After the blow to my head, I’d been reduced to something weaker than a newborn puppy.

These aliens could do whatever they pleased with me. It wrecked me that I had no ability to control my future.

The second alien came over and closed the lid. A prick in my arm was followed by a heavy, hot sensation as some sort of chemical traveled through my veins, up my arm. It hit my brain and the world spun even faster. My limbs grew heavy. Although I was determined to stay awake, to remain prepared to strike, the medicine engulfed my mind, pulling me down, down…

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About Christina Wilder

CHRISTINA WILDER writes books featuring cocky-beta heroes (is that a thing?) and kick-ass heroines who find love together in strange and exotic places. She lives in the wilds of New England, where turkeys and deer on the front lawn are a regular thing. She’s a member of RWA.

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About Laney Kaye


A professional counselor, Laney messes with heads by day and imaginations by night. Living in the wilds of Australia — okay, not so much the wilds, as in a country town — her property is inhabited by a generous mix of bitey, stingy, poisonous, and furry varieties of Australian wildlife, as evidenced by her twitter feed.

LANEY KAYE writes steamy contemporary, light fantasy and edgy Outback Noir (dark thrillers with a strong romantic element). Under her “real” name, she also pens award winning young adult and women’s fiction titles.

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