New Release! Check out DRAGON FAE PROPHECY by Caethes Faron

They say I’m the Dragon Fae. They say I’m the savior of our people. I know they’re wrong.

My entire life I’ve been an assassin, but after a botched job, I’m the most wanted sorceress in the world. I lie low, taking whatever jobs I’m given. When I’m assigned a new partner, a dragon shifter named Deacon, he strides into my life like he belongs, whether I want him or not.

When the fae court declares I’ve fulfilled an ancient prophecy, they anoint me the Dragon Fae, the mythical savior of our people. That explains Deacon’s presence. He’s the Dragon Fae’s fated mate. Problem is, the fae court is manipulating this sacred legend. Lies may be my trade, but I can’t take part in this deception.

So I cut a deal. If Deacon and I can stop a terrorist plot, I can go back to lying low. If we fail, they’ll make me the Dragon Fae. I was raised on this myth, and the most memorable part? The Dragon Fae dies young and alone—and the fae court has shown they’ll do whatever it takes to make the prophecy come true.

Dragon Fae Prophecy is the first book in a fae urban fantasy series with a slow-burn romance.





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