New Release! Check out BLOOD MAGIC by Jayne Hawke!

Some crimes cannot be forgiven.

Things took some unexpected turns over the last month. I’ve joined Ethan’s pack, the ridiculously sexy cu sith assassin who should want me dead. My brother Matt is training to become an alchemist. For a brief second there, it looked as though we had a chance at a good life.

Now someone it trying to wipe out an old fae bloodline, and we’ve been called in to stop them before it’s too late.

The fae aren’t the only ones at risk of a painful death. Word has gotten out about the child of a fallen god walking the streets of York. Powerful beings have sent their most dangerous mercenaries and bounty hunters out to find that child.

To find me.

I need to step up and master my magic. I need to become the hero everyone seems to think I am.







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