New Release! Check out SLAYER by Thea Atkinson!

Her orders are to assassinate her mentor, but will the fae general teach her one last deadly lesson?

Kelliope has been indentured to the Shadow Sidhe for centuries because her natal magics allow her to be a malleable vessel temporarily charged with power. As slayer kindred, she has been born and bred to kill. She lives so long as she obeys.

But she has kept a traitorous secret.

And the Shadow Sidhe are not masters to be betrayed.

She receives orders that her next target is her own mentor and soon discovers there’s more at stake than the loss of a foster father.

He knows her secret.

And that just might mean this mission could be her last.

Fans of the Crossbreed and Isabella Hush series will enjoy getting swept away in this new urban fantasy book where supernatural creatures and gods alike make you root for the villain.







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