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Darkness consumes everything around it,
but it’s only the faintest of light that could shatter everything.

Lucian Blackcrown wants the Pack Master role. He deserves it more so than his older brother, Killian. Now that Killian is the Alpha to another pack, this should leave doors wide open for Lucian, but things are not always that simple. Lucian would have killed his brother in order to obtain the Pack Master role, once upon a time. He had every intention of doing so, until he met Sarah Golden.

There’s a darkness living inside Lucian that he longs to understand. This darkness though, it could split Lucian and Sarah apart, for good, if he’s not careful. As Alpha, he is the one on top, and runs with rules and discipline. But behind closed doors, Lucian longs to bend the knee to his fated mate and submit to her, wickedness and all.

Sarah Golden knows all too well the power of forgiveness, but compassion and respect are earned, not something that is given freely. After witnessing the downfall of the Blackcrown pack and the man behind it all, there is no way she could allow Lucian to claim her as his mate. With a surprising turn of fate, Sarah finds herself in a position of power she never expected.

Lucian will fight like hell to earn back Sarah’s trust, her love, and above all else, his fated mate, but will Sarah be able to forgive Lucian and accept the new life she’s been offered?

“The courts sentence you to ten years of hard labor on Boreas…”

Even facing down a decade behind bars on an inhospitable alien world, Keira Wescott is still able to hold her head high. Protecting her little sister from her sleazy stepfather’s advances was worth any penalty, any price.

Tired of the world turning a blind eye to injustice, Keira refuses to be cowed by anyone. Not even the other residents of the Boreas Prison Colony. But pride and prison don’t mix. Soon enough, others who want to break her rear their heads.

Ylur is the sole Bera prisoner in the colony—and easily the biggest and baddest one roaming the prison yard. An intimidating giant with white hair, turquoise eyes, and wicked horns, only a fool would get on his bad side. He’s unmoved by the weak-willed humans, except for one little inmate who seems to carry herself with honor…

As the enormous, clingy alien takes a keen interest in Keira, the colony is besieged by native creatures. When it’s partially destroyed, can she really take a chance and escape with his help?

The planet might be cold, but Ylur’s bed is warm enough for both of them. Can she possibly survive the dangers and intrigue of the ice planet, or will the tribal beasts of the frozen wastes break her?

ICE PLANET PRISON is an alien shifter romance novella with dark themes and it can be read as a standalone. Content warnings are included in the beginning of the book.


El Oscuro.

His name is notorious.

It inspires fear.

I used to fear him too, the ruthless mafia monster.

Then I learned to love him.

But that was before everything changed.

Before he tricked me into marriage.

Before my choices led to a horrible event that I can’t undo.

A grief that will stay with me forever.

Dante. My salvation. My prison keeper.

His seductive voice still gives me goosebumps.

His kisses still taste like honey.

His touch still pushes me over the edge.

But is it enough?

My love for him runs deep.

My fury at him runs ever deeper.

Our bond will be tested.

That much I know.

Will our love win, or will our grief and trials destroy us?

SIN AND SEDUCTION, the final novel in the Owned By the Don trilogy by dark romance author Callie Vincent.

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