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Demi-god Carissa Alkippes has fought her equal share of demons and Olympian gods, when one battle ends another begins. Only this one may destroy the thin veil between supernatural creatures, gods and humans. To make things worse Zeus offers her a ‘get in and out of Olympus’ card, which paints a dangerous target on her back. Now she must get a handle on her power.  

With new enemies hunting her down, Carissa must use everything she knows to protect those she loves from being collateral damage. 

Xen Lyson, has seen much in his immortal life and walking Carissa down the aisle is at the top of his vampire list, but when an ancient libation bowl turns up, so does Discord and Death. 

Now they have fight not only to protect humanity, but themselves too. Will they defeat their enemies in time to tie-the-knot?

PHOENIX: THE RISE, the third novel in the Phi Athanatoi series by paranormal fantasy romance author Efthalia. Phi Athanatoi features vampires, werewolves, witches and Greek gods. If you love stories with strong heroines, adrenaline filled drama, prophecies, Greek mythology and immortal warriors then you’ll love the Phi Athanatoi.

READER WARNING: The Phi Athanatoi series contains adult content, including violence, swearing and steamy sex scenes.

Phoenix: The RiseBook Title by Efthalia
SERIES Phi Athanatoi | GENRE Adult Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHER Independent | PUBLICATION DATE May 28, 2022


A Phi Athanatoi Novel
© 2022 Efthalia


“The scales of battle turned. But until then, they attacked each other,
fighting furiously in fierce combat.” ~ Hesiod Theogony. 

Francis Marion National Forest; Charleston, SC

Evening, mortal realm


Etimos.” Hades whispered the word to signify his readiness as he watched the battle below from a hill in the forest. He knew the outcome as he had foreseen it. The winning team was required to make a sacrifice in his honor. He recognized his sibling’s signature before he made his appearance. 

“Brother.” Hades turned his head in greeting. 

Zeus slapped him on the back. “Not bad seating.” 

“If you could call standing in the forest a good view.”

“Cheer up, Hades. You know we both enjoy a splendid victory.” Zeus gave him another clap between his shoulder blades. 

Everyone thought the all-seeing Zeus was serious, but Hades knew better. His sibling could be quite the jokester, and his humor transcended to the mortal realm where he had forbidden any of the gods and goddesses to frolic and intervene. Save for when Zeus, the most powerful of gods, had the urge to shift the balance. His granddaughter, Carissa Alkippes, triggered events that brought Zeus on high alert for a prophecy that had been all but forgotten for two millennia. Everything that had transpired recently only confirmed that Carissa and the vampire Xen Lyson, who she was engaged to, would both be instrumental in how everything would play out. 

“I take it you are going to lend some power in this war.” 

“I don’t think it’s necessary. We both know who is going to win.” 

Two factions of demons were already in the heat of battle. The eudemonia and kakodaimones were once one entity that walked the earth and spread fortune to those worthy and misfortune to those who were not. When it all ended, the earth opened and swallowed them into the underworld. There they were split in two segregated groups. They battled for many millennia until a few centuries ago when Lox, the leader of the eudemonia, worked on a way to break the curse that kept them bound to the underworld. Now they fought in the mortal realm and Zeus, the god of thunder and storms, wanted to see it for himself. 

“Watch closely, Brother, for in the fray of battle important details are often missed.”

Hades turned his gaze toward the skirmish. The perk of being a god meant you could zoom your view in from any location. He focused on the perimeter where the kakodaimones stood ready to fight the oncoming onslaught of the eudemonia. His head followed the lines of men, and just at the fringes, he caught something. A portal. Demons exited by the dozen into the mortal realm. “Are you seeing this?”  

“Crystal clear color,” Zeus answered. 

“We know how this ends. You can stay and view the rest, but I need to close that portal for Hekate.” Hades turned to his brother, eyes burning like torches. He tilted his head and dematerialized. 


Zeus watched from his position. He wanted to witness this small victory for the eudemonia. Long ago it wasn’t only their name that stood for happiness, they were the givers of happiness, and that had allowed humans to flourish and prosper. 

His chess pieces were in place. One more action was required to be taken after the battle ended. He watched Lox carve his way through the kakodaimones. Hades had done the eudemonia a favor by removing the glamour that made the kakodaimones look like ghastly reptiles when they stepped from the underworld to the human realm. Their sulphury odor permeated the air. Without their glamour they no longer looked identical. Zeus saw Lox lock into the leader and head straight for him. His men were well-oiled killing machines, and Zeus needed to make sure his granddaughter, Carissa, had these men on her side. 

The eudemonia cut their opposition down without raising a sweat. It appeared the skirmishes they fought before freeing themselves were a test of endurance and skill. 

There was only one more thing Zeus needed to see and that was the fulfilment of the okros Lox had sworn to Hades. 

He watched as they prepared the sacrifice with a temporary altar. A sheep was dragged along for the offering. 

Zeus transformed himself to a mist and surrounded the site where the oath would be sworn. 

Lox stepped forward with a knife in hand. “I swear to Zeus, Athena, Apollo, Demeter and the Styx that I will ally myself and my men to the Phi Athanatoi and Carissa, the daughter of Ares. I have sworn this to Hades.” 

The knife slit the throat of the sheep and blood was gathered in a vessel. “Whoever is to do wrong by this oath, let their blood flow to the ground like this wine.” He poured wine to the ground.  

All the necessary libations were poured, and prayers were said.  

Satisfied by the sworn okros, Zeus dematerialized back to Olympus. The drama had commenced, and he would watch it unfold from the comfort of his throne. 


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EFTHALIA lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and two children. Her passion for writing was cultivated by the stories her mother told her as a child. Now she writes exciting new worlds with gods, power, and passion.

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