Cover Reveal! Ruiner by Avery Lennox

The plan? BURN THEM ALL.

Rowan Moretti
I had it all. Even though my marriage to Christian was arranged, we fit together like fire and brimstone. We were in lockstep from the very beginning: acquire power by all means necessary. Far from the average housewife, I helped shape my husband into the most feared boss on the Eastern Seaboard.

In the dead of the night, someone made a power play and took everything from me. Now I’m going to find out who’s responsible and return the favor. I’m out for blood. I will have my revenge, even if it means burning entire cities to the ground.

Vincent Amato
I owe everything I am and everything I have to Christian Moretti. There is no question when my phone rings and I hear Rowan’s voice on the other end asking for my help. If you’re going to take on the mob, you need someone you can trust watching your back and I will be that for her.

As fierce as she is beautiful, Rowan is everything a made man would want on his arm. And in his bed. Every moment spent by her side, there is a war raging inside of me. I have to fight the desperate aching need to possess every inch of her. To own her. To ruin her.

This is Rowan & Vincent’s story.


This novel includes (but is not limited to) the following:
✤ Dark Mafia Romance ✤
✤ Scorching Hot Hitman ✤
✤ Capital D Dominant Henchman ✤
✤ Friends-to-Lovers Romance ✤
✤ 2nd Chance at Love Romance ✤
✤ A Bitter Revenge Journey ✤
✤ Truckloads of Vigilante Justice ✤

Release Date Coming Soon!

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