NOW LIVE! Dirty Little Book H**ker Romance Reader Box

In addition to writing deliciously dark romance, I am a voracious reader of the genre. I average approximately one book per day and I can’t get enough. I love falling in love. As romance readers, we get to experience that feeling every time we crack a spine. Then we talk about it, post about it, write reviews about it, or shout about it to strangers at stoplights. Sometimes, we even journal about it.

I journal about books a lot. The whole enchilada. A million different markers, books of stickers and embellishments, sticky tabs everywhere, washi tape piled on every flat surface, doodles in the margins━all of it. I’m a straight-up addict. The only problem I have with it is the final aesthetic on my bookshelf.

I’ve tried both spiral bound and discbound journals. They’re wonderful but once full, they look awkward and completely out of place when added to my book collection. So I set out to create something stylish that would allow me to indulge my journaling habit and make a great keepsake when I was through filling its pages. Born out of a completely selfish motivation, I designed the Dirty Little Book H**ker Romance Reader Journal. PLEASE NOTE: Keep reading. This book contains a LOT MORE than empty journal pages!

Crafted specifically for fans of the romance genre, this 6” x 9” bound paperback is 300 pages long and packed with bookish goodness. Inside, you will find places to document your favorite romance reads, build and check books off of your TBR list, romance quotes to swoon over, romantic images for inspiration, designs to color, and so much more! Both the interior and exterior are designed with a minimalist theme in mind so you can decorate and make it your own. Sneak Peek Inside the Journal Coming Soon!

Now that the Dirty Little Book H**ker Romance Reader Journal is ready, simply hitting publish would be just plain boring and nobody likes boring. How about a romance reader box filled with bookish goodies tailor made just for you?? That sounds way better!

10-Piece Smutty Digital Wallpaper Set
5-Piece Smutty DIY Printable Bookmarks
5-Piece Smutty Full Color Glossy Premium Bookmarks
10-Piece Smut-tastic Sticker Pack
6-Piece Chisel Tip Marker Set
Translucent Sticky Tabs
Dirty Little Book H**ker Romance Reader Journal
DLBH Canvas Tote Bag
Both Hands & Swallow Travel Mug
DLBH Tshirt

There are box sponsorship tiers available! Backers receive all of the tier backer rewards PLUS custom printed swag representing YOU is added to every order!

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