Bonnie Bennett never breaks a promise, and she gave Enzo her word that she’d live her life.

Rather than staying in Mystic Falls to wallow in her grief over losing the love of her life, she decides on a trip to Germany, the epicenter of the seventeenth century witch hunts. Excited to explore the depths of her magic in a country rich with witch history, she embarks on her journey, able to breathe just a little easier.

From the moment she arrives in Berlin, Bonnie knows something is wrong. Her magic is weakened, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t access her full power. Desperate to figure out what’s wrong, Bonnie reaches out to a local coven, only to find their powers have been dampened as well.

Resolved to help her new friends and recover her own magic, Bonnie makes it her mission to figure out what’s affecting their powers. As she digs deeper, Bonnie discovers a centuries-old secret threatening an entire line of witches. Together, they must find a way to restore their magic or risk losing it forever.

*Originally published as part of the Bennett Witch Chronicles series in the Amazon Vampire Diaries Kindle Worlds. With the dissolution of Amazon’s Kindle Worlds program, the author has made the story available as a FREE fanfiction ebook download.

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Mystic Falls.  It was my home but now it just seems to be the place that has caused me endless pain.  There has been a Bennett witch residing in this town for a very long time but I can’t be the one who lingers here.  I know that my friends are prepared to spend their newfound futures in Mystic Falls but I promised Enzo that I would live my life and I can’t do that if I am trapped in a place that has been the source of so much pain.   I need a new beginning and for once in my life I am putting Bonnie Bennett first.


It isn’t hard to figure out where I want to go.  Gram had talked about our history from Salem and how it connected to the escape of witches from Germany and the surrounding areas of Europe.  It was strange to think that there was so much of my history that I was unaware of. I had spent so much of the last several years battling everything that came at us that I had failed to take into consideration how much of myself I still had to figure out.  As I was packing and storing all my family’s things, I came across a travel guide that Gram had on her bookshelf. It was a beginner’s guide to Germany and the surrounding areas. As I thumbed through it, I noticed the places she had circled and underlined. I pulled out my phone and started looking them up.  I noticed that there were historical sites that seemed to have a connection to witches and executions from the seventeenth century. Once spot was circled multiple times. It was called the Hexentanzplatz. When I looked it up, I was intrigued at the rich history that surrounded this area. The word Hexetanzplatz means witches dance floor.  It seems like over the last two centuries it has become a commercial site but with the power that I now had at my fingertips, I feel like I could make a connection to the history in the land. It was a heady feeling to touch the earth and absorb the pain, loss, and history that abounds. I knew that this trip would be a way to access the history of my lineage and it would possibly answer some of the lingering questions I still had about being a witch.  

With a destination and a rough idea of a what I was doing, I packed my bags, and said goodbye to everyone.  Caroline was devastated but she had her hands full with the boarding school, Alaric and the kids. Elena and Damon were living their lives and they knew I was ready to do the same.  Alaric had family connections in Germany and had given me the name of cousin that lived there. He said that would be a good starting point for me in my journey of self-discovery. He hit the nail on the head.  I was out to discover who the real Bonnie Bennett was and to become the witch that I wanted to be.



I was not thrilled at the delay in leaving New York but the stopover in London was a nice treat.  As I arrived in Germany, I felt the loss of Enzo more than ever. He would have loved to travel with me and show me the world through his eyes.  I shake back the pain before I slip into the melancholy that I had lived in for so long. It was a new beginning and it was what Enzo would have wanted for me.  I waited in the customs line and listened to the various languages that flowed around me. It was so different from the world of Mystic Falls. It was an epicenter of variety that ebbed and flowed like a living entity and I could see the passion for life that the people around me had.  It was inspiring.

“Passport please.”  

I handed the documents over to the bored looking customs agent.  

“Your purpose in Germany?”

I caught her eye, “I am here to do some historical research and some sightseeing.”

A small smile lit her face at my answer, “Make sure you talk to some of the locals.  They can point you in the direction of some historical sites that are off the beaten path and not as commercialized as some of the others.”

“Thank you.  Those are the types of places that I am most interested in.”

“Good luck to you, Bonnie Bennett of Mystic Falls.”  She handed me my passport and I tucked it into the side of my carryon.  

I headed toward the doors to hail a cab when I saw a young woman about my age holding a sign with my name on it.  I moved toward her cautiously. Most of the danger in our lives was gone but with a history like ours, I was taking no chances.

“Hi, my name is Bonnie. Who are you?” I took note of the pretty brunette with stunning blue eyes.  

“Hi, Bonnie.  My name is Eliza Wagner.  My cousin, Alaric called me and told me that you were arriving for an extended holiday.  He asked me if I would pick you up and take you to your hotel.”

I grinned at Eliza.  “Sounds like Ric. Even when you tell him that you are fine and can handle your own travel arrangements, he sneaks in and helps anyway.  Thank you, Eliza. I appreciate you meeting me.”

“It’s not a problem at all.  Alaric doesn’t normally call for such mundane favors so I figured that you had to be someone special.”

I started laughing at the insinuation that Ric and I were in a relationship.  While I do love him, he was firmly in the brother zone.

Eliza stopped and turned to me as I took a deep breath.  “Thank you for that, Eliza. It has been so long since I had a good laugh, I had forgotten what it felt like.  Ric and I are friends. We have a unique relationship but he is my friend. He is running a boarding school with my friend, Caroline and I just lost someone that I loved deeply.”

“I am sorry for your loss, Bonnie.  I understand the pain that comes when death comes knocking on your door.  It sometimes hits closer than we are expecting and the ripples can take a long time to fade away.”

I stared at her for a moment because what she said sounded familiar but I was unable to place it.

“Come on, Bonnie.  Let’s get out of here.  I will take you by the hotel so you can get checked in.  I am sure you are exhausted. I would advise you to stay up as long as you can so you can try and beat the jet lag.”

As we drove through the city, I breathed in the history that abounded in the structures around me.  It was a kaleidoscope of new and old and it almost seemed to be a breathing entity that we drove through.  Eliza pulled up to a modern hotel and helped me pull my bags out of the trunk of her car.

“Here is my contact information, Bonnie. If you need anything or want some places to check out, just shoot me a text.  A friend of Alaric’s is a friend of mine.”

I took the piece of paper from her and pushed it into the back pocket of my jeans.  “I appreciate that, Eliza. I am not sure where I am going to start but I like knowing I have someone to point me in the right direction if I need it.”

I grabbed my bags and with a wave of my hand, I made my way into the foyer of the hotel and moved toward the registration desk.

“Good Afternoon.  How may I assist you today?”

“Hi.  My name is Bonnie Bennett.  I have a reservation for an extended stay.”

“Yes, Miss. Bennett.  We have been expecting you.  If you will fill this out, I will get your keys made.”

I filled out the standard information form for the hotel and took the keys from her.  

“Take the elevators on your right to the 6th floor and you are in room 623.  If you need anything, just press 0 on your phone to connect to the front desk.  Room service is available till midnight. Enjoy your stay with us, Miss Bennett.”

I thanked her and moved toward the elevators.  A young man that I hadn’t noticed until now leaned forward to hit the button for me.  

“Thank you.”

I felt his gaze on me and a shiver ran through me at the feeling it gave me.  The doors opened and I hauled my luggage into the space and shifted toward the wall as he stepped in as well.

“What floor?”  He asked with a small smile in my direction.  

I had the impression that he knew he made me uncomfortable and was amused by it.  

“Sixth, please.”

He pushed the button and leaned back against the wall.  

“You are American, right?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Are you here for business or pleasure?”

“I am here for myself.”  I stiffened as he straightened suddenly and pushed the button for the fourth floor.  As the doors opened, he stepped out and with a wide grin said, “I will see you soon, Miss Bonnie Bennett.”





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