The Stroke of Midnight

Book Cover: The Stroke of Midnight
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It’s New Year’s Eve and the supernatural community is ringing in the New Year with style!

Fourteen of your favorite authors have come together to bring you The Stroke of Midnight: A Supernatural New Year’s Anthology!

The Stroke of Midnight features fourteen urban fantasy/paranormal short stories. Celebrate the turn of the year with all the creatures that go bump in the night!

Featured Authors:

  • Amy Miles
  • Bella Roccaforte
  • Beth Dolgner
  • Brandy Dorsch
  • Connie Suttle
  • Danielle Bannister
  • F.F. McCulligan
  • Faith McKay
  • J.M. Gregoire
  • K.L. Brown
  • Kyra Dunst
  • Lola Rayne
  • Michael Siemsen
  • Susan Illene

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