Review: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Club Dead is the 3rd installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  The honeymoon period is over.  Sookie and Bill are somewhat at odds as Bill gets more and more engrossed in a secret project that Sookie is not allowed to know about.  All of their free time is spent with him glued to his computer and Sookie’s patience is wearing thin.  Things are made that much worse when Bill tells her that he has to take an impromptu trip to Seatle for his secret project.  Soon after he leaves, Eric, Pam and Chow pay Sookie a visit and she soon finds out that things are not all they seem.  Bill had lied about the Seatle trip and is now missing.  With the assistance of rugged man’s man (and werewolf) Alcide Herveaux, Sookie is off on an adventure to Jackson Mississippi in an attempt to track down and rescue Bill. 

This was a fantastic story!  You are introduced to a huge circle of characters, all with very distinct and memorable personalities.  You also learn about the vampire hierarchy in much deeper detail.  Club Dead takes you on a trip through another branch of the supernatural world as well – the world of werewolves. 


Overall, this was a great read.  The action in the beginning is a tiny bit slow but once it picks up, it takes off and keeps going to the very last page.  I found myself pleasantly surprised by the behavior of a character that I was used to seeing as a “bad guy”.   This book was the start of two literary character crushes for me.  I rate this book at 4.5 stars!

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  2. […] Club Dead by Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse #3) […]

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