Review: Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris

Dead And Gone is the 9th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Following the vampires’ lead, the shape-shifters decide it’s high time to step out of the woodwork and announce their existence to the world. While the initial reveal goes smoothly, the brutal crucifixion of Crystal Norris, a young werepanther (and Jason Stackhouse’s estranged wife) behind Merlotte’s makes Sookie wonder if the people of Bon Temps, LA, are as tolerant as she thought. Meanwhile, the FBI is snooping around asking questions about Sookie’s uncanny ability to locate survivors after an explosion. Sookie is left in charge of Merlotte’s when Sam has to leave town unexpectedly and finds herself constantly looking over the shoulder as she is a target in the mounting fae war.

This book was sooooo exciting and so sad all bundled in to one. With things being over with Sookie and Quinn, I was seriously afraid that Sookie was going to end up back with Bill but soooooo NOT the case! Whether it’s her blood-bond with him or genuine feelings as a result of their time together in Dead to the World, Sookie’s tie to Eric is undeniable and I couldn’t be a happier reader! I’ve always loved Eric as a character. He’s a strong presence, he demands respect when he walks into a room and he’s a man’s….well, vampire. The most important detail – he 100% accepts Sookie as she is. He knows what she is and couldn’t care less because he’s into her as a person. So far, he doesn’t seem to have any ulterior motives. However, we have seen the way vampires make decisions and move people like pawns to serve an underlying purpose so we shall see.

Aside from the love story arc (that I seem to have some sort of addiction for in this series), this series speaks volumes about racism. Although the series deals with races in terms of vampire vs human vs shifter vs were – it’s no different than white vs black vs hispanic vs asian. The more I read this series, the more I think I would get along great with Charlaine Harris. 🙂 Sookie is as open-minded and “equal opportunity” as they come and that’s the bottom line for why I love her as a character so much.

Not that it is a bad thing to express emotion but this book WILL make you shed a few tears. So be prepared with a box of tissues.  People may look at you funny but it’s so worth the read!!  Dead And Gone earns 5 stars in my book!

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