Dead Wrong is a fanfic follow up to the Charlaine Harris book Dead and Gone (the 9th book in the Southern Vampire Mystiery series).  Dead and Gone’s story arc came to a head with Sookie’s family ties pulling her into and being one of the main targets of the fae war.  Thanks to their blood bond, Eric is forced to endure her horrors simultaneously with her when she is captured and tortured mercilessly.  With the aid of silver bonds, Filipe de Castro’s insists that he not get the vampire race involved in a war that is not their own.  Of course, he wouldn’t be the Eric we all know and love if he didn’t do what he wanted when he wanted.  Unfortunately, he was unable to come to Sookie’s aid before the sadistic fae dup Neave and Lochlan had time to do a solid amount of damage, both physically and mentally.  Along with the damage to Sookie, the causalities of the fae war include her full-blooded fae cousin Claudine, werewolf  Tray Dawson and vampire Clancy.

Dead Wrong opens a few months after the events of the fae war.  Sookie is going on about her life flat-out avoiding all of Eric’s attempts to contact her.  Whether it be subconscious or not, Sookie is harboring some rough feelings regarding the events that took place months before and has a little resentment towards Eric, the man who was supposed to love her but was unable to be her knight in shining armor when she needed it most.  After he manages to make contact with her, Sookie starts to question a lot of aspects of her life.

There were losses in all corners for the sake of saving Sookie’s life on that terrifying night and she’s really starting to feel the angst and negativity that they are causing.  Dead Wrong answers the question “what if…”.  What if Sookie left Bon Temps and the supes that hold such a grudge against her?  What if the torture at the hands of the fae was the last straw for Sookie and she decided she was done with the supe world?  What if, in spite of the deep love she knows she feels, she left Eric?  Meg2 decided to take a whack at just how that would play out.

I was super excited to start reading this fan fic and I can honestly say that by the end of the 1st chapter, I was in a complete and total state of shock.  One single line made me want to burst into tears:  “Good morning, Agent Weiss? This is Sookie Stackhouse…”.  I was FLOORED!!!  Sookie cant leave!!!  It’s her destiny to work things out with the viking vampire and live happily ever after, right?????  Am I the only one left that feels that way???  Of course I’m not!  That’s why you’re reading this.  *wink*  Phew! In true Eric fashion, he didn’t give up on looking for her and bringing her home.

Meg2 did a fantastic job at telling her tale and her version of the way things played out.  From the very start of Dead Wrong, you have all the normal Sookieverse staples – action, mystery, intrigue, romance, paranormals, etc., etc..  I, personally, was hooked less than a paragraph in.  We as fans all have our own preferences as to how we want to see things work out.  I happen to be a devoted Eric&Sookie fan.  I would love nothing more than to see the two of them end up together in the end.  One of the things I loved most about Dead Wrong was the fact that the author worked in all of the vampire politics that Eric and Sookie would have to face and deal with should they make the decision to really be together.  Their love would not be a love that would come easily.  Sure, they are passionate about each other but that doesn’t mean that their worlds will ever have the ability to come together seamlessly.  Eric is a political machine in his world and Sookie has made it incredibly clear that she HATES that.  There is also Eric’s never ending habit of making moves to push Sookie to what is best for her, with or without her cooperation.

Dead Wrong takes you on an emotional ride that delves deep into the heart of all of the issues that Sookie was left with as a result of that fateful night when the fae war came to a climax.  She is emotionally damaged in a way that can only be offset by her willingness to accept it and genuinely move on.  Eric may be a vampire but Sookie’s baggage causes more problems between the two of them than his pair of fangs ever could.

Overall, this was a fantastic fanfic!!  For any of you Southern Vampire Mystery (SVM) fans out there, you will love this spin of the big picture story arc.  Meg2 wrote the characters in such a way that really compliments the already established characters.  She stayed true to their personalities.  Everyone acts as they should and reacts in a way that you would expect.  She also wrote the characters in such a way that it stays faithful to the SVM world rather than being tainted by the True Blood version of the characters.

As a fanfic – I give Dead Wrong 4.5 stars!!

I encourage all of you to check it out as well as the sequels that Meg2 has also written:

“Dead Wrong”– a longer fic that follows the events of CH’s “Dead and Gone”

“Dead Certain” – an Eric POV of “Dead Wrong”

“Snapshots” – a short sequel to “Dead Wrong/Dead Certain” that sets up a longer sequel that is forthcoming.

“Scenes from a Marriage 1” – a longer sequel to “Dead Wrong/Dead Certain” that follows “Snapshots”.

“Scenes from a Marriage 2” – sequel to Scenes 1.

“The Darkest Hour”

“The Gravity of Love”

“Paradiso” – the end of the series.


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  2. Amazing review – thank you, Jena for writing it and to Meg2 for creating this truly unique story line. Ladies, you rock!

  3. Duckbutt says:

    Wow! It’s quite a coincidence that you’re reviewing Meg2’s stories as I’m not taking a leisurely stroll through all her stories, yet again….

    Please also look at her earlier sagas –all are brilliant!

    1. Thanks so much for reading the review! A great story! She did a fantastic job!

  4. this is one of my fave fics. nice review!

    1. Thanks! And I agree. It really is a fantastic one! 🙂

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