REVIEW: With Morning Comes Mistfall by George R.R. Martin

I am a member of which is the audio book division of Amazon.  For $14.95 per month, I get 1 credit to buy an audio book (average retail price is $25-$40 each).  Each month, there is a new selection in the ‘Free For Members’ section.  This month, the selection was With Morning Comes Mistfall by George RR Martin, which is a short story in Dreamsongs Volume I (the first in his 3 volume short story compilation).


Dubbed “the American Tolkien” by Time magazine, A Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin is a giant in the field of fantasy literature and one of the most exciting storytellers of our time. Now he delivers a rare treat for listeners: a free story, “With Morning Comes Mistfall”, from his compendium of shorter works. Collected into three stunning volumes, his Dreamsongs collection offers fascinating insight into his journey from young writer to award-winning master


Not having any sort of synopsis to go by due to the fact that this came from a short story compilation, I had no idea what I was in for with this story.  The audio book was short (approximately 40 minutes long) so I wasn’t sure how much of a story could be told.  Once again, Mr. Martin does not disappoint. 


Set far in the future, in a time where people hop between planets like they are New York City subway stations, With Morning Comes Mistfall is a fantastical tale about a planet with much famed, albeit highly elusive, wildlife.  Tales of the wraith population on this planet draws a scientific team to try to either verify or debunk the existence of said creature.  The camera woman sent to document the research trip becomes enamored with the beauty of this basically uninhabited planet. 


George RR Martin, famous for the Song of Ice and Fire series has proven once again that he is a simply amazing author.  This short story grabs you right from the beginning and, right along with the camera woman, you fall in love with this planet.  The description of the scenery though out the entire story is breathtaking. 


Overall, I give With Morning Comes Mistfall 5 stars!  If you’re an audible member, I encourage you to go get the free audio book and you will be instantly sold on the collection.


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*Volume 3 is only available as an audiobook

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