REVIEW by @Fidget78: Easy Pickings by C.E. Murphy and Faith Hunter (@ce_murphy , @HunterFaith)

Two heroines. Two magics.
One world.
There’s nowhere in America like the Big Easy. Just ask Jane Yellowrock, shapeshifting vampire killer, whose hunting grounds run the length and breadth of the Bayou.
Just ask Joanne Walker, whose shamanic magic has drawn her to the heart of American Weird.
But it’s not Joanne’s world, and it isn’t Jane’s either. In a New Orleans where Katrina never hit and supposedly-dead vampires stalk the streets, Jane and Jo have to find and defeat the magic that brought them there–or they just might find themselves…
This is one of the most entertaining books (novella) I’ve read in a while.  This is FanFic done by the authors, C.E. Murphy and Faith Hunter of the original series (Joanne Walker/Jane Yellowrock).  I was seriously afraid I might be disappointed by this novella as I love both characters in their respective series so much.  Now, I just want to know if maybe the authors will collaborate on another story starring Joanne and Jane.
Both characters are out of their normal element having been pulled into an alternative universe. Jane, while familiar with New Orleans, doesn’t recognize all the people now inhabiting it.  Or if she does recognize their names, they are nothing like her reality.  Joanne, just on a visit, “feels” that something is not quite right about the atmosphere of the city.  In addition, she’s finding that vampires and weres are real a bit hard to fathom.  Seeing them play off each other is a treat.  In the beginning they are leery of each other but recognize the magic each carries.  Joanne also has the pleasure of interacting with Beast along with Jane.  Jane has not had the opportunity to meet anyone with Joanne’s abilities.  
Some may feel Joanne and Jane too closely resemble each other but if you’ve read both series, you will understand the major differences.  Yes, both are are of Native American ancestry but one is a shaman and one is a skinwalker.  They each have the kick ass attitude but go about it in different ways.  Joanne is not as primal as Jane (there’s the whole Beast thing going on).  They compliment each other’s characters extremely well.  Ms Murphy and Ms Hunter take turns telling the story from their heroine’s point of view.  Initially, I was not sure how that would work throughout the story but as I got caught up in the story, it was a non- factor.   
This e-book cannot be read as a stand alone.  The reader needs a familiarity with at least one of the characters and both would be much better.  This takes place after Raven Cursed starring Jane Yellowrock by Faith Hunter and after future releases of C. E. Murphy’s Joanne Walker’s series.  I am behind 2 books in the Walker series but it didn’t detract from the story.  Having said that, I did come across a spoiler about the Walker series, so be cautious if you’re not up to date on that series.
This is a very hard book to rate.  If I was not up to speed on the characters, I would go with a very soft 3.  Loving both heroines as I do and their respective series, it’s a solid 4.  I know I will be rereading this story again!!
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