REVIEW by @UrbanFantasyRev: The Society Of Sinners by Charity Parkerson (@CharityParkerso)

“Evil lives in the dark.  We instinctively know this as children.”
Nestled high in the mountains… The quiet community of Jackson Station is where everyone knows your name and…species? Vampires have existed since almost the beginning of time, but not in the way we have been led to believe. These were not men cursed by the devil but warriors blessed by God to have great strength, agility, and eternal life. Eternal life came at a price, the price of human blood. Some chose to live within their own society; The Society of Sinners.

I got a copy of The Society of Sinners from the Read2Review program on Goodreads, again I’d like to thank the author for making this available to us and R2R for letting me review it.  The book wasn’t so much a novel as it is a collection of interconnected short stories, in most cases a minor character in one story becoming the lead in the next. Except for me as a reader it doesn’t really work.  The first story wasn’t all that connected to the second an it is only in the last three stories that it happens, they connect.  The format drove me nuts!  You just get into the story of
one character and then it is over.
The other thing I disliked and again this was because of  the format was there was no real back-story, no common enemy not enough tying things together from one story to the next.  Either the hero or heroine was buddies with someone in the previous stories.  Because the book was essentially a collection of short stories, each story became pretty formulaic;
1. boy meets girl
2. boy thinks girl is hot
3. boy and girl have sex and finally
4. boy and girl get married and live happily ever after.
It was too predictable and by the fourth story I was bored with reading the same thing over and over.
The romances lacked tension, after all everything was wrapped up in 60 pages or less so there was no build up no real danger with the possible exception of the last story.  This book just didn’t work for me and I can’t see myself going any further in the series.
2 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Appreciate such honesty in a review. Thanks, Laurie

  2. Ever read a bad review and go “oh man I totally have to read this to see if it really is that bad.”
    Well thanks to this review, I can save myself some time. Thanks Laurie!

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