REVIEW by @_Shoe-Girl_ : The Doorknob Society by MJ Fletcher

Chloe Masters’s world changes in a heartbeat and all she did was touch a doorknob. 
Illusions are part of Chloe’s everyday life, her father being a renowned magician, but how do you make sense of traveling through dimensions with the touch of a doorknob? There’s much for her to learn at the Paladin Academy, a school for her kind. What her kind is she would like to know. 
And who better to teach her then some of the characters that go there and belong to the various Societies. She makes a select group of friends and she soon learns just how much she doesn’t know about her family and about herself. 
She turns to her new friends for help when her dad disappears but she also must ask for help from a student at the Academy who is anything but a friend. He’s irritating and some say dangerous but she has no choice, she must get James Nightshade to help her.  He agrees, but there’s a price to pay and she realizes too late how much it will cost her. 


Ok, I HAVE to be honest here.  PureTextuality sent an email to the review team, looking for one of us to read/review the Doorknob Society.  I read the synopsis and told her I’d read it if there were no other takers, as it looked ok, but nothing I HAD to read or would normally pick to read.  Well, either I was the 1st to reply, or there were no other takers (not sure which, I didn’t ask) because PT sent me the book (I got a Kindle Fire, so she just sent it right to it!).
I am SO GLAD that I said I’d review the book!!  It had me interested from the first chapter, and HOOKED shortly after that!
Chloe Masters’ dad is a well known magician, and they live a gypsy lifestyle, traveling all over the world performing together after her mom disappeared 11 years ago.  Everything is as usual for them until they go to leave Paris.  Their passports are confiscated and they are not allowed to leave.  Chloe sneaks out to break into the office where the passports are being held to get them back, and when she does, she runs into trouble.  Finding no way out and all doors locked, she tries again to open a door.  As she is trying to open the door, she gets a really strange feeling and next thing she knows the door is opening.  
Chloe wakes up back in the hotel room with her father, him asking her what she did.  She tells him, and he is really upset!  Next thing she knows, they are having to run for their lives, and Chloe’s dad pulls her into a closet.  Chloe wakes up in their family home that she hasn’t been to in months.  Obviously disoriented, Chloe ends up finding out that she has powers and so do her parents.  How did they end up at home?  Through a portal her dad opened in the closet.  Wait.  What??
Chloe never dreamed touching a doorknob could change her life, but quickly discovers that it has…but how?? With her world turned upside down, Chloe has to attend Paladin Academy which is a school for people like her.  She makes friends (and a couple enemies), gets a job, fights gremlins, AND her dad goes missing.  She not only has to try and find him, but has to try and figure out where something is that he has hidden from the Council.  Without it she, along with her dad and her friends could be killed.
Sounds cryptic, right?  It kinda is!  I really can’t even go into depth explaining this book, as there are so many different elements that I’d have to explain.  All I can really say is that I truly enjoyed this book, and was shocked at it’s cliffhanger ending!  However, with the cliffhanger ending, came the news that this book is the 1st in a series, so we will get answers (book two, The Impossible Engineers will be available soon). If the other books in the series keep up this way, they would make AWESOME movies!  I read The Hunger Games, and once I got past the first few chapters, I really liked it and was looking forward to Catching Fire, however I didn’t even finish reading it as it just could not keep my attention.  I am extremely hopeful that the rest of the Doorknob Society series will remain interesting as they progress and not leave readers disappointed à la The Hunger Games series!

I give Doorknob Society 4 1/2 Heels!

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Thanks again to Heather for the review! Check out her site at or follow her on Twitter @_shoe_girl_! Her original review for The Doorknob Society can be found on her site by clicking here!

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