REVIEW by @GinnyLurcock: Pack and Coven by Jody Wallace – Release Date 2/20/12

Harry Smith is a lone wolf, and he likes it that way. When he’s targeted to be co-alpha of the local pack, there is only one thing he can do to maintain his freedom: flee. But it’ll take a miracle to stay a step ahead of shifters in their own territory.
June Travis has been in love with Harry for years, but he doesn’t know her real identity. He sees her as the sweet owner of the local tearoom—the facade June presents to humans and werewolves to keep them from finding out she’s a witch. She may not be able to offer Harry a miracle, but she can help him escape.
Harry is drawn to this new side of June, and not just because he’s grateful for her help. With her magic temporarily hiding Harry from his pursuers, the witch and the wolf explore their mutual attraction. But there are consequences for witches who bed down with wolves…

When I noticed this book on netgalley I thought “ooo, werewolves, witches and sexual tension, where do I sign up?”  Word to the wise, it stops being “tension” and starts being “oh yes put that there” rather quickly.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just like to warn people about explicit (and I do mean EXPLICIT) scenes before they pick up a book.
So this novel has a really good concept.  Packs are a type of hive mentality, ever wolf being bonded to each other through the alpha.  In order to prevent undue influence, every pack needs two alphas to balance each other. Once a year, every pack has to undergo a bonding ritual.  Loners usually take vacations during the pack bonding ceremony in their area to avoid the draw.
Harry is a loner.  He was born into a pack, but due to a nasty situation he and his mother fled.  He made her a promise he’d never join a pack, and it’s one he intends to keep.  Only problem is, the local pack needs a new alpha and he’s got the right DNA.  See, their male alpha got busted, and so their female alpha moved up the date of their ritual so that Harry would not only be in town, but taken unawares.
If only they hadn’t sprung this on him in a tea shop run by his best friend.  The witch June, who has been wearing the old woman glamour of Sandie the entire 8 years she’s known Harry.  Known him and been in love with him.  Because of this, she decides to risk it all and help Harry.  See, witches are never EVER supposed to reveal themselves to wolves.  It’d be bad times. 
Obviously she does, because “it’s Harry”.  Hilarity ensues.  Well hilarity and naughtiness.
I give this book 3 howls.  It was good, but not great.  It had an interesting plot with some interesting twists, but the characters felt kind of two dimensional and generic.  Plus, Harry just gets over the whole “I knew you were a werewolf but didn’t tell you I knew and that I actually look young and hot plus I’m a powerful witch” thing really quickly.
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