REVIEW by @Fidget78: Dragon Child (Warriors For Light #2) by LJ DeLeon (@LJ_DeLeon)

A fire-breathing dragon, Moira O’Neal, was exchanged at birth for a Fae princess. Discovering the truth, she escapes the cage of the royal court and joins forces with the sexiest wereleopard on Earthworld. She fights the urge to mate and the trap that comes with it as they race against time to find the missing princess and a master of the black arts who covets her power.
Major Steve Taylor, a wereleopard in the Army For Light, partners with the impetuous Moira in the middle a dangerous mission where failure means all their deaths. Worse, his leopard decides Moira is his mate, leaving the man at war with his cat.


Okay, I’m hooked.  I am enjoying Ms DeLeon’s Light Warrior Series way too much.  Dragon Child kept me up way past my bedtime.  A combination of action, steamy love scenes and humor were too much to put the Kindle down and walk away.
The wonderful thing about this series is that each book I’ve read so far has a different take on each character.  They ARE NOT cardboard cutouts.  Each is unique and very special with completely different traits.  The continuity of the storyline is strong and the world building is excellent.  The best thing, you don’t know what’s coming.  Unpredictability is way underrated.  It’s still the good vs evil but, who’s really good and evil just might be an act!!
Moira is a complex character with charm, determination and humor.  Don’t back Moira into a corner, you won’t know what hit you when she comes out.  Her foil and wanna be mate is Major Steve Taylor.  He’s all business and takes no nonsense from a Fae princess who isn’t really a Fae at all.  As a matter of fact, no one is really sure what Moira is (well, I think the title kinda gives it away).  The Major has a huge headache trying and I emphasize trying to control Moira.  He hasn’t got it into his macho head that you cannot even attempt to control her.  The warrior and the wereleopard do not agree about Steve’s feelings for Moira.  Watching him fight himself is actually part of the highlight of the book.  Of course the aggravation Moira causes with her finally independent self is scene stealing.  One of my favorites is: 

….”As a man, Moira’s flippant rejection of ‘Leopards don’t count’ stung his ego, but he’d accepted it.
     Shit, he’d been relieved.
     His leopard was outraged.  Hell, he’d worried the animal would enter her rooms and spray.
     From the moment she’d rejected him, his cat declared war on the man, fighting for supremacy.  He wanted to grab her by the neck and drag her to a cave where she couldn’t escape.
     Steve wanted to smack his animal upside the head and knock him out for the count.”

This novel is action packed from the very beginning and keeps on giving and giving.  The heat between Moira and Steve is steamy and erotic.  Characters from the previous novel are not pushed aside.  They play, and I hope will continue to play, major parts of the storyline.  As you can tell, I was completely under Ms DeLeon’s spell.  With so many characters in these first two books, the scope of the series is growing and growing.  There are some characters you just WANT their book NOW.
I can’t wait to finish the next novel, Absolution but then I have to wait a while to get my next Warrior fix.  Oh well, good things are worth waiting for, I’ve been told.  Not completely satisfied with that but if you have to wait, you have to wait impatiently!!
I never thought I’d feel comfortable with were on changer sex but again I was surprised.  The one scene is so very tastefully done and then ends with such humor that you can not take offense.  Kudos to LJ DeLeion with her continuation of her Warrior of Light Series.
This book could be a stand alone but I wouldn’t advise it.  So many of the characters are introduced in the first book, Warrior’s Rise, that you could get lost and not enjoy an excellent series.
My rating:  4 1/2 Stars!!
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