REVIEW by @GinnyLurcock: Black Winged Tuesday by Alicia Ryan (@ryanalicia)

Unlucky in life, twice as unlucky in the after-life? When Tuesday dies and becomes a guardian angel, he’s sure his luck has turned. Little does he know he’ll have to face were-beavers, old sweethearts, archangels, and even Lucifer himself. Nevertheless, Tuesday’s death may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Dear Mrs. Ryan,
Hi, my name is Ginny.  I think we should be friends.  We should be friends and you should tell me stories.  If you agree to be my friend I promise a batch of cookies once a month and you can come over and we’ll watch Princess Bride whenever you want.

P.S.  I’ll also let you play with all of my Bratz dolls.
P.P.S. My husband has a large selection of bad monster movies I will let you borrow whenever you want.
P.P.P.S. Please?

Ok… where to start…  See, normally when I get stuck (which is every time I start a review, by the way) I go to and see what other people have to say.  This will usually tell me what points I have to either reinforce, or refute out of spite.  There are two reviews for this book on  TWO.  There is something wrong with the world when books as good as Black Winged Tuesday don’t have more people in love with them.  There are what, 72 Anita Blake books?  All of those have 5 gazillion reviews, but no one has read Black Winged Tuesday? 
I’m starting to think those bad angels are right, the human race should be destroyed.
Then again, if we were destroyed, I won’t be able to read the sequel.
Crap, I’m in a real catch 22 here. 
In all seriousness, this book was freaking fantastic.  All of the characters have a real depth to them that you don’t see in many novels.  They’re 3 dimensional and nearly all of them either grow as people, or have more lurking beneath the surface that is slowly revealed. 
To say that the plot is engaging feels like a slight against the plot. Herman has just died.  He goes through, gah I don’t know what to call it, central processing for the dead, which is nothing like you’d expect by the way, and chooses to be a good angel.  His first charge is Charlie and his first partner is Price.  Charlie is a werebeaver.  Ok, this is probably my only complaint, and it wasn’t even about the novel, it was about the reviews.  Everyone made it out that the werebeaver was a big thing.  It wasn’t.  He turned maybe once.  Even with that one itty bitty complaint, the character is still freaking awesome.  Like for realz.  Charlie is in love with Mary, who has an abusive boyfriend.  Oh, and did I mention that Mary is Herman’s childhood love?
All of this actually feels like a subplot though, because the major issue in this book is Charlie having to choose between good and evil.  How even well intentioned decisions have unintended consequences. 
Now if you’re really religious, you might not like this book.  The characters are angels, and Lucifer and demons are present, but it looks at things without saying “this is right and this is wrong.”  Also, it’s funny as all get out.  So even if you are religious you should probably read it.  Just pretend the angels are merepeople or something.
There are some sex scenes, and I don’t quite know how to phrase that warning, because they’re not your typical naughty scenes.  Well I mean there are a few typical naughty scenes, but then there are some that… aren’t…. Well you’ll have to read it to know what I mean. 
I’m giving this book a very enthusiastic 5 red velvet couches. This book came out of left field and slapped me in the face with a beaver tale, and I loved every second of it.  The kindle version is only $.99 which raises the question, why are you not reading this book yet?
OH CRAP!  I almost forgot, I love Price.   He’s the ultimate slacker almost kind of bad boy and has some of the best.lines.ever.
I had also wanted to say that there are times when this book felt like a self help book in disguise.  It seems like when the characters believe in themselves, their lives make positive changes for the better, but it didn’t fit in anywhere up there, so it’s like a post review… or a P.R.
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  1. Ginny – thanks so much for the glowing review! What kind of cookies are we talking? If there’s chocolate involved I might show up – consider yourself warned:)
    So glad you liked the book.
    -Alicia Ryan

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