REVIEW by @BunnyBethA : Old Loves Die Hard by Lauren Carr

Old Loves Die Hard…and in the worst places.
In Old Loves Die Hard, Lauren Carr continues the rags-to-riches story of Mac Faraday, an underpaid homicide detective who inherits two-hundred-and-seventy million dollars and an estate on Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, from his birth mother on the day his divorce becomes final.
Mac is settling nicely into his new life at Spencer Manor when his ex-wife Christine shows up—and she wants him back! Before Mac can send her packing, Christine and her estranged lover are murdered in Mac’s private penthouse suite at the Spencer Inn, the five-star resort built by his ancestors.
The investigation leads to the discovery of cases files for some of Mac’s murder cases in the room of the man responsible for destroying his marriage. Why would his ex-wife’s lover come to Spencer to dig into Mac’s old cases?
With the help of his new friends on Deep Creek Lake, Mac must use all of his detective skills to clear his name and the Spencer Inn’s reputation, before its five-stars—and more bodies—start dropping!
I have to retire, very soon, because there are just too many good books to read!
Lauren Carr’s Mac Faraday is a likable (and brand new) millionaire. A homicide cop for years,  Mac inherits a fortune from his birth mother and retires to a manor house onDeepCreekLake. Besides getting oodles of money, the manor house, and a five star resort hotel, Mac also inherits Gnarly, a huge German shepherd who is brave but also has a few faults. Gnarly is just one example of the quirky characters in Old Loves Die Hard.
Mac is living this new life in the lap of luxury when his ex wife Christine shows up at his door, intoxicated, begging Mac to take her back. Seems Christine has been dumped by the guy she left Mac for, she’s lost everything, she’s a wreck. Because he’s a good guy (and she’s the mother of his two children, after all), Mac tries to help Christine out of her current situation. And that’s where Old Loves Die Hard gets very interesting, and lots of fun. Before you know it, Mac and his Deep Creek friends are up to their necks in murder, and Mac’s one of the prime suspects. And to top it off, Mac’s suddenly surrounded by his ex in-laws, all of whom hate his guts.
The characters in this story are well developed and believable, with very human faults. I thought my ex in-laws were strange, but Mac’s take the cake. In addition to his scary in-laws, Mac’s also interacting with  colleagues from his days in law enforcement, and some of his old cases suddenly become part of the mystery. The dialogue is real, just like people respond to one another in conversation. I could also visualize  the manor house and the setting ofDeepCreekLake.  And Old Loves Die Hard has got so many twists and turns, I could not figure out who did it. Lauren Carr creates a large number of characters and manages to make almost all of them look suspicious.
Mac Faraday is a nice guy, a working stiff who hit the jackpot and is still in shock that’s he’s rich. Tell the truth, haven’t you ever wished to hit it big, somehow, and get to retire early and comfortably? Mac Faraday is every man and every woman who schleps to work every day and then wins the lottery. He’s a character so many of us can relate and be sympathetic to.
I really like this book, so much that I’m giving it 5 stars; you’ve got to read this book.
And I hope that another Mac Faraday book comes out soon!
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