REVIEW by @TimsGirk : Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King

When the full moon shines, a paralysing fear descends on the isolated Maine town of Tarker Mills. No one knows who will be attacked next, but snarls that sound like human words can be heard and all around are the footprints of a monster whose hunger cannot be sated.
Each month goes by and each month another life is taken during the full moon. There is a beast that lives among the small town ofTarker’s Mills. Unfortunately, no one knows who it is…. until….
You meet each person and get a feel as to who they are shortly before they see the beast… I enjoyed the suspense to each month to see if there was any detective work. I love Stephen King’s work because it’s always the possibility of something that could be going on so close to home (most if not all of his work taking place close to home inMaineor just over the border in NH) I enjoyed this read very much. It’s a good short novel for someone who wants to just lounge for an hour or two and read until completion.
I give it a 4 for rating….
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  1. seagreenclouds says:

    So is this one of his new works or is it older?

    1. This is a much older title. We review both new and older titles here at Pure Textuality.

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