REVIEW by @Fidget78: The Isis Collar (Blood Singer Series #4) by Cat Adams (@cathyclamp)

Celia Graves was once an ordinary human, but those days are long gone. Now she strives to maintain her sanity and her soul while juggling both vampire abilities and the powers of a Siren.
Warned of a magical “bomb” at a local elementary school, Celia forces an evacuation. Oddly, the explosion seems to have no effect, puzzling both Celia and the FBI. Two weeks later, a strangely persistent bruise on Celia’s leg turns out to be the first sign of a magical zombie plague.
Finding the source of the plague isn’t Celia’s only concern. Her alcoholic mother has broken out of prison on the Sirens’ island; her little sister’s ghost has possessed a young girl; and one of Celia’s boyfriends, a powerful mage, has disappeared.

Let’s start with the usual.  The Isis Collar IS NOT a stand alone novel.  It is the fourth in the Blood Singer Series by Cat Adams (writing duo of C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp).  I have read the Sazi Series and the Thrall Series and while the Sazi Series will always have a special place in my heart, I’m enjoying the Blood Singer Series immensely. 

This series continues to grow as do the characters and the story line.  How can you ask more from a series?  It’s not becoming stale or predictable and the twists and turns are better than a roller coaster ride.  The first night I started this book, I couldn’t stop until my eyes were crossed and bleary.  I kept saying one more chapter.  Then another and so on.  I finally couldn’t stay awake any longer.  Celia is one special heroine and though I have my favorite love interest, I can’t tell from the writing if Bruno or Creede is gonna win her.  Usually you can tell the writer prefers one love interest over another but not in this novel.  You can’t help but like both Bruno and Creede.  The interaction between all three is indescribable. 
After the last book, Demon Song, I wasn’t sure this one would be able to compete with all the action but, thankfully I was wrong.  The action just goes in a different direction.  Celia now is consulting with the FBI magical team.  Her contact is Dominic Rizzoli.  The interaction between are some of the highlights of the book.  For instance:

     …..”They made me your handler because they said your siren abilities wouldn’t affect me.”
      “My handler?  I wasn’t a dog or a trained seal. But it would make sense to have him be my contact if he’d had a vasectomy.  Infertile men weren’t affected by a siren’s psychic talents.  I didn’t really under that.  Logically, it should affect them, since they’re perfectly capable of sex.  But magic is weird sometimes.
    What I didn’t get was how he knew I’d get emotional.  He apparently thought he had me pegged and damned if he didn’t.  At least this time.”

I like that Celia has such a good rapport with Rizzoli and they definitely cover for each other.  I see the beginning of a very close friendship (I hope).
It was at this point that I went to Goodreads and Amazon to peruse the reviews of others.  One of the reviews kind of had me scratching my head.  I’m not calling out this reviewer, AT ALL.  The review is very well written and thought out based on just reading this book.  A reviewer’s work is THEIR opinion.  What I try to do is address the likes and dislikes of a reviewer so an individual reading this review will get a differing opinion.  I’m not sure if the reviewer has read the entire series from the beginning but if so, I’m even more stymied.  If not, I can understand her review a bit better.  As I said, the Isis Collar is not a stand alone novel and you can’t see the story line and character development without reading the entire series.  That being said, there were also many reviewers on Amazon who gave this novel 5 Stars.  Again, their opinion.  This is an excellent book in the series but not the be all, end all to me.  I’m pretty skimpy with my five star reviews.  I am a big fan of Cat Adams!!  I know I will get my money’s worth if I purchase one of their novels. 
My rating is a very strong:  4 Stars
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