REVIEW BY @Fidget78 : Witches in Flight (WitchLight Trilogy #3) by Debora Geary

Ghosts from Lizard’s past–and the man who wants to be her future.
The empty places in Elsie’s soul–and the temptations of raspberry-laced courage.
Walk once more with Jennie’s students as they come to the end of their WitchLight journeys.
Ah–just read it. You know you want to 🙂

This is probably one of the few times in my life where I wish I had the talent to use words the way an author does.  I want to be eloquent in this book review because it deserves nothing less.  I will do the best I can to convey my thoughts and feelings on Witches in Flight and the trilogy as a whole.

So many of us have waited for this book and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  The journey of Elsie and Lizard has been and eye opening adventure.  The growth of the characters and the progression of the storyline just grips you by the throat and twists your guts into knots, in a good way.  Being a part of the story of Elsie and Lizard and their mentors has been wonderfully educating.
As with any book lover, I read a lot.  The individuals who will read this blog and review more than likely read a lot.  We all have our favorite authors and our favorite series and yet Witches in Flight and the two previous books (Witches on Parole and Witches Under Way), have touched something within me I hope I never ever lose.  Raw feelings poured out on the pages cannot help but make you sit up and take notice.  I started this novel about 9 pm and didn’t even glance at the clock till I was wiping my eyes and smiling at the ending, at 2 am.  I am now trying to write this review on 3 1/2 hours of sleep.  Not an easy prospect as I am somewhat still emotionally involved in the story.  I won’t finish this review in one sitting because Ms Geary deserves better but I want to get it started while my feelings were still fresh.  Then I will go back and try to be more objective, if possible. 
There are no vampires in this book, or werewolves, or zombies.  There are no murders, no bad guys(well, no starring role), and no blood and guts.  There IS a community of people who work together to help each other.  They trust each other, they help each other, and they depend on each other.  This community of witches could just be a group of regular, caring people.  They’ve worked to help Elsie and Lizard find their way.  While Jennie, Nat and Lauren are the main mentors in the previous two books, this novel has more individuals stepping forward to support them and their charges. 
Elsie is trying to maintain her new openness and adventurous spirit.  Lizard is learning to trust and accept her self worth.  Ms Geary finds a way to teach and to show without lecturing or beating you over the head with life’s truths.  Her faith in the true goodness within each of us coming through shining brightly.  Living life is hard, terrifying and messy.  Learning to accept the bumps and enjoy the ride is a part of growing.  See, I sound like I’m lecturing.  This novel is not that way at all.  It’s an exceptional testament to Ms Geary’s belief in good, caring people in a not so safe world.
Of course, I had my Kleenex handy and I needed it.  I was sad to see this trilogy end but know both Elsie and Lizard have to appear in upcoming novels.  They have overcome many obstacles but will continue to grow; how can they not with Ms Geary steering them on their way. 
I try to be as objective as possible in my reviews.  With this series, I failed miserably.  I was so wrapped up in the characters and the storyline, I felt I was part of the story.  Ms Geary has a devoted crowd of followers and I can see why.  She interacts with them on her Face book page each and every day. 
Kudos, Debora Geary for a job more than well done!
My rating:  4 1/2 Stars
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