GUEST POST by Book Blogger Dolly: The Glamorous Life of a Book Blogger/Reviewer

When I volunteered to be a book blogger, I had all these wonderful thoughts and ideas.  I’d get to share my love of books with others who loved books at an established, fun website.  Naive, right?  I mean, I talk books all the time with family and friends, how could writing about them in a forum be any different?  I’m more than naive, I’m pretty much delusional. 

It sounds like I’m ready to throw in the towel, not by a long shot.  I love books too much.  I recently had my first case of reviewer’s block and it made me think about what I was actually writing in my reviews.  Seriously, I’m a 56 year old, fairly independent woman, pretty well read, articulate and with an opinion (just like everyone else).  I served 20 years in the Air Force and wrote reports and projects for generals and stuff.  How could writing about books be a big deal.  It feels like a big deal for me. 

Initially I thought, hey no one’s gonna care about my OPINION but some people actually do.  Uh ho.  How about if I write a review about a favorite author and it’s not necessarily a great review?  How’s that going to make me feel?  Like crap, by the way.  Or what if, I write a scathing review of an ARC and the publisher reads it and doesn’t send Pure Textuality any more ARCs.  Wow, I could shut down the website or something.  So not happening!! 
Then, I started doing the very worst thing possible.  I was reading every book like I was going to write a review.  I was highlighting and making notes on my Kindle Fire like crazy.  About a week ago, I wasn’t having any fun reading a book (by one of my all time favorite authors), I received a month before release because I was not reading as a reader but as a reviewer.  Smack my head!!
I know this all seems pretty silly.  To me, it wasn’t.  Did I mention delusional already?  I had a talk with self.  Just read the book, dammit!!  Forget about everything else, that’s why you like to read.  You’re making this out to be school or something where you had to read Animal Farm (I ended up using Cliff’s Notes).  But remember the time you read Seven Days in May and went back and read all the author’s other novels. 
Seriously, I’m not on medication, well, not too much.  None for delusions though, honest.  It’s ALL about the love of books.  You’re going to end up reading some stinkers to find the diamonds.  I’ve found many more diamonds than stinkers.  I’ve reached out to authors and would you believe it, they reach back.  Hey, they’re normal, regular people with an amazing talent.
Reading is what you make it.  I decided I’m making it FUN again!!
And will still share my opinion with no pressure.
I’m off to read an extraordinary book by an author I love, even if it receives a 3 Star review (or more).

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  1. LOL! Dolly, I feel your pain. Once you’re in editing mode as an author, you can’t read ANYTHING without picking it apart. It’s hard to just enjoy what’s enjoyable about the pages in front of you. I’m officially a terrible reader now!
    And authors are VERY much normal people. I would argue that many, if not all, enjoy being reached out to. If you’re an Indie author, it’s easier to reach back 😉

  2. It’s like you’re in my mind Dolly… except I hope you’re not… because you’ll probably get lost… and I don’t want to explain why Curran is wearing a tutu and playing the tuba while Kate and I tango…
    It’s a long story…

  3. Thanks Amber. I’ve met a bunch of very special people thanks to PT (I get tired of writing it out because the computer always says it’s spelled wrong)
    Ginny, hmmm, Curran in a tutu. That could be a lot of fun. lol

  4. Awesome post!!! I’ve felt a couple times like I just needed to pump out the reviews & rush through the books. Definitely need to slow down, and enjoy the books!!!! 🙂

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