REVIEW by @GinnyLurcock : Catch by Annie Nicholas (@annienicholas)

Caught between two vampires, Connie is torn between Rurik, the one she loves and Tane, the one she’d love to stake.
Hunger burns in Connie Bences’ soul–she craves the blood of her vampire lover, Rurik, but it’s not satisfying her needs anymore. It’s driving her insane. Desperate to find help, Rurik brings her to Rio De Janeiro, where Tane rules the vampire nation.
The back-stabbing vampire almost killed her and Rurik when they’d first met, then used them to obtain his crown. She would rather stake him, but the small drop of Nosferatu blood he’d forced her to drink in Budapest is blooming into a bond, one which ties her life to his. One he won’t hesitate to manipulate.
He admits to binding her so Rurik would have to remain at his side, but their timing couldn’t be any worse. The betrayer finds himself betrayed. Tane’s rule is in upheaval and he’s forced to place his trust in two people who owe him no allegiance—her and Rurik. In the middle of a power struggle, Connie fights to keep her lover, but didn’t plan on Tane slipping into her heart.
I have this real problem with Netgalley.  I log in, and see a funny cover, or title, or that the publisher has accidentally listed the book 4 times, and I instantly click request without even checking what the book was about.  That’s the real reason I requested “Catch” you know.  The publisher listed it 4 times by accident.
Well I can honestly say that I’m happy I did.  “Catch” has some problems similar to “Bait,” but the writing feels far more polished.  Though that could just be because my hunch was right and there’s a new dynamic to the story that was lacking in “Bait.” 
There are new characters as well as old, and I’ve got to say some of the new characters are even more compelling than the old ones.  If only because they STILL are hanging onto the “I’m not going to tell you everything even though it almost got us killed once” thing.  I’m looking at you Connie and Rurik.
My main problem with “Catch” is that it’s recycling sex scenes.  I think I read the exact same sequence of events 3 times in both books… which is saying a lot since I thought it was implausible the first time I read it.  Maybe next time we could just say “and stay in bed they did…” and leave that word count to other things.  Like writing me into the story or developing that delicious subplot with Colby or writing me into the story… What?  I want to be in Rio kicking it with vampires!
I give “Catch” a 3.5.  Sure it’s predictable in places, and the sex scenes are stuck on repeat, and the idea isn’t always original, but it’s got a certain undeniable charm about it and I keep checking to see if maybe another book has been announced.
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