NEWS: A Little Props From the Fangtastic Folks at The Fangreaders Chat!!! (@FangreadersChat)

A few mornings ago, I was going through my normal routine – check the site for comments, see how the hits are doing, draft up reviews to post and check the e-mail box.  I had a wonderful surprise from the fangtastic folks at Fangreaders Chat. 


A while back, this wonderful group of fanfiction writers invited me to one of their weekly chats to discuss original works and the ins and outs of publishing.  A few of them are considering publishing some of their original work and wanted to get my take on it.  Author Amber Lynn Natusch came on board too and we had a great time.   I had an absolute blasty blast chatting with them that day and I have popped back in a few times since then. 
Since then, I occasionally check in with them and I am even reviewing a series of original books for one member and an original novel for another.  As a thank you to all of the folks online that have helped spread the word about Fangreaders Chat, they made up these great badges!! 


AWWWWWWW!!!   It’s like getting a gold star in school……except way more cool!
So, if you have any interest in writing or just want to chat it up with some of the most stellar people I have ever had the pleasure of electronically chatting with, pop on over to Fangreaders Chat!  Go to the Contact Us page and shoot them an e-mail requesting access to the chat room.  They will send you an e-mail with the super secret link and then…..well, LET THE SHENANIGANS BEGIN!!! 

Tell them that Jena from Pure Textuality sent you! 



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  1. Congrats!! 🙂 Welcome to the club! My blog, Eric & Sookie Lovers got one as well for helping them out with promoting their fanfic contests, events and collaborations! Will maybe have to join you in a Fangreader chat, sometime in the future! 😉

  2. Jena, I am so glad you like the star~ You are already a star anyway! Thanks again for your awesome site and for giving our group a shout out *big hugs*

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