REVIEW by Heather: Quickstep to Murder by Ella Barrick (@LauraDiSilverio , @_Shoe_Girl_)

What if your dance partner, business partner, and fiancé was stepping out with another woman? That’s exactly what happens to Stacy Graysin, who shares ownership of a ballroom dance studio with the man who broke her heart, Rafe Acosta.

But when Stacy discovers Rafe’s dead body in the studio one dark night, the police suspect her of killing him. To clear her name and save her studio, Stacey teams up with Rafe’s estranged cousin from Argentina, Tav, to find the real killer. And if Stacy doesn’t watch her step, the killer may make this dance her last.

I picked up a BUNCH of “cozy mysteries” awhile ago at the local used bookstore, Quickstep to Murder was one of them.  I wanted to branch out of my usual genres.  Glad I did.  While Quickstep to Murder wasn’t “Omigod-I-Can’t-Put-This-Down!”, it WAS good!

Stacy Graysin, owner of Graysin Motion dance studio is in a pickle.  She’s caught her fiance cheating, and proceeded to break up with him.  That wouldn’t be such a big deal, and she could probably get him out of her head, IF he wasn’t half owner of Graysin Motion which forces her to have to work with him every day…..and deal with his ridiculous scheme of wanting to add hip hop and “kiddie” classes!  Graysin Motion is a SERIOUS dance studio…not a place for kiddie recitals.  Stacy will not even entertain the idea!

Rafe is acting extremely odd, and Stacy really wants to know why.  She chases down a limo that she has seen Rafe get into before, but gets nothing for her trouble except almost being run over.  Planning on meeting with Rafe to ask him what’s going on, and to discuss the future of Graysin Motion, Stacy hears something upstairs….of course she has to check it out, expecting to see one of her instructors that had forgotten something.  Wrong.  She finds Rafe, dead.  Not only is this horrible because, hey, he’s dead, but Stacy finds out that Rafe changed his will and did NOT leave his half of Graysin Motion to her like he was supposed to!  Now, Stacy has to figure out who the murderer is because the local PD has her as the #1 suspect, but she also has to try and figure out a way to get control of Rafe’s half of the studio!
Cute book.  It was entertaining, and I think readers who are also fans of Dancing with the Stars will enjoy it.  If you’re looking for what I call a “light, fluffy”, book (a quick, easy read) then this will definitely work for you.  The sequel, Dead Man Waltzing comes out in June!
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I give Quickstep to Murder 3 1/2 Heels!


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