REVIEW by Laurie: Lure (Sam Flock Adventure, Book 1) by Brian Rathbone (@brianrathbone , @urbanfantasyrev)

Sam Flock is a good cop, but when she has a paranormal experience on the job that causes her to drive into the side of an ambulance, her career in law enforcement meets its end. Determined to find answers, she forms a paranormal investigation agency with her friend, Shells. Though they are perhaps the world’s worst paranormal investigators, they find something beyond their wildest imaginings.
Ok so I am gonna try to be fair, but I have to say upfront I really didn’t like this book it was just so bloody juvenile.  The main character Sam was a cop when her career in law enforcement ends she starts a paranormal investigation business with her best friend Michelle (Shells).  The two of them as characters were just so godawful, think Beavis and Butthead meet Ghostbusters.
Sam used to be a cop, so you expect some kind of seriousness not having her hanging out at keg parties with a bunch of stoners and waking up with nothing but duct tape on her nipples.  Shells was no better, she spent most of the time saying “Dude” and playing air guitar to bad eighties heavy metal…thus the Beavis and Butthead comparisons.  I spent most of the book rolling my eyes and cringing and not in that good amused kinda way.  Although the author does warn the book contains bad behavior…he ain’t kidding!  It just gave me less reason to like or relate to the characters in any way.
The plot was lacking continuity, nothing much happens to move the plot along more than half this book could have been edited out and wouldn’t affect the overall story.  Sam and Shells are supposed to be paranormal investigators but there is very little paranormal going on.  They are invited to Lake Lure from an Inn owner to investigate some ghosts and most of the “paranormal” events in the book are about Sam seeing ghosts.  It started getting sort of interesting when they got to Lake Lure and started touring around, but then all the characters got drunk again and nothing much happened.  The ending was just weird and didn’t really tie in to the rest of the story.  On the positive side it was a quick read so I managed to finish quickly, all in all not something I would recommend.
2 stars. Meh skip it!

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