REVIEW by Heather: Thank You For Flying Air Zoe by Erik Atwell (@_Shoe_Girl_)

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fasten Seat Belt sign has been turned on, but feel free to ignore it, because sometimes life is best lived on its dizzy edges. Your cruising altitude today will be sky high, and you will be flying at staggering speeds as you travel alongside Zoe Tisdale, former Valley Girl and rock star turned bored butter saleswoman. On the heels of a brush with mortality, Zoe concludes that she’s been letting time pass her by. Realizing she needs to awaken her life’s tired refrains, Zoe vows to recapture the one chapter of her life that truly mattered to her – her days as drummer for The Flip-Flops, a spirited, sassy all-girl garage band that almost hit the big time back in 1987. But reuniting the band won’t be easy. The girls who were once the whiz kid guitarist, the prom queen bass player, and the hippie lead singer grew up and became women who are now a reclusive dog trainer, a wealthy socialite, and a sociopathic environmentalist. Will Zoe bring the band back together and give The Flip-Flops a second chance at stardom? Is it possible to fully reclaim the urgent energy of youth? As you follow this wild flight path, please know that your destination could be anywhere at all, complimentary oxygen is provided upon request, and baggage flies free. We hope you enjoy the ride, and Thank You For Flying Air Zoe.


How would you feel if you thought that you would die in a plane crash TODAY?  Do you feel like you’ve lived your life to the fullest, that your family knows you love them, that you’ve done everything you’ve wanted to do, that you’ve been everywhere you wanted to go?  This is the dilemma that Zoe is facing after surviving a near-plane crash.  Wanting to give her childhood band a second chance at stardom, Zoe is determined to get “The Flip Flops” back together.  Only problem….. all of the other members are going through different things in life, and a couple aren’t on the friendliest of terms with each other.

Overall, a really feel-good, easy read!  Very much a “girl power” book with a bunch of 80s references thrown in, which some of you may enjoy (personally, I DID like a bunch of 80s music, but the fashion….no thanks.  Please stay in the 80s)!  Perfect for summer reading.  Perfect to make you realize that life is short and you shouldn’t put off doing things that you think you’ll get to “some day”, because “some day” may never come.

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I give Thank You For Flying Air Zoe 3.5 Heels!


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