REVIEW by Jena: Turn to Darkness by Jaime Rush

The next installment in the Offspring series.

Shea is used to taking care of herself. She has special powers, and she knows how to use them. She’s pushed away the ugliness of her past, just like she pushed away Greer, the only man who had ever reached beyond her defenses.

All Greer wants is to love Shea, though that comes at a high price for him: as a shapeshifter, once he takes her as his mate, he’ll never be able to let go. So maybe it’s for the best that she’s made it clear she is not interested in anything romantic.

But when Shea’s traumatic past combines with a new danger, nothing will stop Greer from protecting the woman he loves, even if it means losing any chance he has of a future with her.


This is another one.  I made a slight mistake.  I read this book not knowing that it was part of an existing series.  However, it was a pretty decent story that stood on its own quite well.

Turn to Darkness is a really short one so I don’t want to get into too much detail about the book because it would be really easy to give away plot line.

You are immediately thrown in with this group of characters.  One you’ll love, one will creep you out on a major league level and another….well, you wont know how to feel about her.  At all.  By the end of this short novella, I STILL didn’t know how I felt about Shea and I am pretty sure she’s supposed to be the one you identify with and bond with.  I know for me, this did not happen.

Then you’re introduced to this whole other lot of characters that pose a threat to lot A because of what they are.  They’re……ummmm……..interesting to say the least.

Overall, I am giving Turn to Darkness a solid 3 stars.  It kept my interest piqued all the way through, even if I did feel a bit like I still wasn’t 100% clear on what was happening.  It piqued my interest enough that I am going to take a whack at the series.

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