REVIEW by Heather: The Mapmaker’s Union (Doorknob Society #3) by M.J. Fletcher (@fletch125, @_shoe_girl_)

Chloe Masters has a death wish, at least according to her friends. Still reeling from the loss of one of those closest to her she is living life on the edge. One by one she is pushing everyone away. Leaving her with the very person who betrayed her… Faith.

Her memories still locked away by the Forget Me Not, can Chloe discover the truth before she loses everyone she loves?


Over the course of my book reviewing career/hobby/whatever-you-wanna-call-it, there have been a couple books/series that have made me wish that I was HUGE in the book blogging world.  Why?  Simply because I wish I could skyrocket these books to instant popularity.  The Mapmakers Union (and all the books in its series, The Doorknob Society) truly are spectacularly entertaining books.  Not just for “young adults”.  I am *ahem* almost in my mid-30’s, and I love, love, love the series.  If I could get a review into the right hands (or eyes, as it may be), I honestly feel as if these books would be just as big, if not bigger than Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.

Ok, enough with the “wishing”.  This series gets better and better as it goes along.  I really can’t get into details on this one, as I’ll give away too many spoilers.  I’d LOVE to be eloquent enough to give a good review without  “geeking out” and rambling on and on, but….I’m not.  When I get super excited about a book, I’ll just talk (or type, as the case may be) away and give away all the good parts.  Please, just take my word…..The Mapmakers Union does not disappoint.  My ONLY disappointment is that I have to wait for the next book!!!

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I give The Mapmakers Union5  Heels!

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  1. boomergrl49 says:

    That tears it. I must read book #1. And I have #1 on my Kindle. Thanks Heather!

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