REVIEW by @GinnyLurcock: Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper (@mollyharperauth)

I would like to say that every so often I take a break from my very serious reading material and like to enjoy a light and fluffy novel, but as my most recent reads were about a demonic teenager and a historical president killing vampires, I think my claim of seriousness goes right out the window.  Instead I have to admit the sad fact that I just really enjoy fluff.  And also, now I want hot chocolate with fluff…. be right back…
OK!  So now that my terrible secret is out in the open and the roof of my mouth was singed by vengeful chocolate, lets get down to reviewing.
2% into this book there’s the quote “Can an inner monologue hyperventilate?”  I was hooked. 
Miranda Puckett is a spunky screw up.  Where ever she goes absurd disaster is sure to follow.  A string of failed careers brings her back home to Half-Moon Hollow, and a failed engagement sends her back on the road.  Thinking her new job as daytime chauffeur for vamps will give her time to decide if she wants the lying bastard back without him hovering over her, she treks to the west coast and picks up one Mr. Collin Sutherland.
Who is a prick.  No seriously, at the beginning he’s an uptight douche stereotype.  Then one morning he wakes up, well night since he’s a vampire, and the stick has shaken loose and he’s a nice guy.  Well not a nice guy, but one a woman might want to sleep with.  He’s charming, witty, handsome, and never misses a chance to be a seductive little devil.  They give a reason for this 180, but I still find it hard to swallow that the guy goes from miss to hit in 3 pages.
Miranda and Collin are pretty much the only two characters in the book, due to their current transient nature, and the book is a romance, so it’s rather obvious that the two will fall into love.  Ok, well not love, but lust, defiantly lust.  Sure enough, as soon as Collin starts acting like a tolerable human being…err… vampire… there are the lusty thoughts and snarky flirting. Oh how I love me some snarky flirting.  You won’t find yourself caring that it’s just those two and a few others briefly flitting in and out of the story, because they’re actually both really likeable.  Well post stickectomy Collin is likable.  At the end (which comes too soon since this book is hella short) I found myself wanting to tag along on their further adventures.
In my opinion though, the biggest gem of the book was Dick.  Best.Vampire.Ever.  You’re going to love him.
It didn’t seem as if the book was actually edited.  There were instances of misspellings, the wrong word being used, and words missing.  Now if I know I’m getting something that’s not edited, that’s one thing… but when I pay for a book, even $1.99 I’d like for it to not be missing entire words.  See, I’m never entirely sure that I’m not the one who lost them…
Even with the slight editing issue, it was a good light fluffy read. Perfectly suitable for a winter pick me up or a summer beach read.  Actually, you probably shouldn’t use it as a summer beach read.  It is a book about vampires.  I’m pretty sure those burn up in the sun.  I can’t be sure though, I’m not a vampire-book-ologist.
3 stars out of 5
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  1. boomergrl49 says:

    Sound good! I find light fluffy reads to be therapeutic!

  2. Sometimes you just need a fluffy ready. It is written, let it be read.

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