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A sheltered girl.
The perfect boy.
A mysterious stranger.

Random messages delivering a sobering prophecy plague Aspen’s existence. With every curious encounter, her sanity wavers further. Before long, Aspen finds herself balancing the fate of humanity on her shoulders, until a single act turns her world upside down. She finds herself alone, isolated from those she thought she could trust.



So I had the privilege of beta reading Touched By Evil, and since then I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to describe it.  I’ve come up with two less than perfect analogies, but they’re what you’re going to have to deal with.

You know those super awesome Japanese psychological thrillers that I adore?


You know really amazing chili?

See, both really good chili and really good psychological horror movies start out kind of slow.  Not the bad and or boring kind of slow, but the good kind of slow.  The slow that never leaves you rolling your eyes, pressing fast forward, seeking more spices, or flipping to the end while going “get on with it.”  No, the good kind of slow that lulls you into a false sense of security where you go “huh, this isn’t so bad, I wonder what all the fuss was about” as you snuggle into your blankets all warm and secure.  And then…


The bottom fucking drops the fuck out.  Some creepy chick with weird eyes and tentacle hair climbs out of a toilet and then directly up dudes urethra while some kind of death spice eats away every last bit of your digestional tract and you promise that you’ll never ever ever eat chili and watch foreign films ever again just so long as you live through this.

In summation, the story starts out slow.  You’re introduced to Aspen and her world slowly.  So slowly that when things start to change you find yourself going “wait is it really…?  Or is she…?  Or are they…?”  I know, because that’s basically what my e-mails to Amber looked like while I was reading.  As you’re trying to sort through all the maybes you realize you’re now a hefty hunk into the book and OH HEY LOOK, THE WORLD JUST WENT SIDEWAYS.

It was amazing.

4 stars.  Sit back and enjoy the adventure.  Or insanity.  Meh, either way it works.

Ginny New 2


Tempted by Evil grabbed my attention immediately. It’s well written, mystifying, a little dark, and has a touch of romance. Aspen is the main character; she’s a little naive, sarcastic, and at times shy which creates fascinating characteristics. She is sheltered from the ways of the world because she was raised by nuns in a convent her entire life. Upon turning eighteen she decides to make a break for it and leave all that she’s ever known behind. Believing all will be provided she fatefully meets a strange boy named Julian who teaches her how to have fun and provides a place for her to stay. Julian is flawless, gentlemanly, wealthy, and incredibly understanding – the perfect male specimen. That’s when strange things start to occur, explicable events begin pushing Aspen to make impossible decisions that war with her very nature.

Then there’s Merrick who keeps appearing out of nowhere following Aspen around, piquing her interest in him ever more. At times I felt Aspen acted very childish but as the story continues to progress you start to understand why that is and it lays the groundwork for a really cool concept. She is very out of place in society and even more than she realizes especially when strangers keep coming up to her ranting about a crazy prophecy.  Tempted by Evil snowballs from a simple story into that of a more complicated one. The suspense will drive you crazy because soo many events unfold and it’s only towards the end you get a good glimpse of how everything fits together and makes sense. I enjoyed the plot building greatly!

Aspen’s perspective is engrossing, she has a dark past and an even darker future. The story is creatively cultivated and entertaining. Julian is sexy and interesting to say the least! & Merrick, I want to know more about him! Is there a love-triangle in TBE’s future?! It would sure seem that way – a lot of speculating and suspense, great writing; this book was a surprisingly satisfying read. Definitely a fantastic start to a new YA series.

Though seemingly predictable you’ll find everything is not what it seems. You are left with a nail biting cliffhanger that will make you immediately want the next book in the light and shadow trilogy. Another thing I liked is the use of classic literature references within the story; such as comparisons between Pride and Prejudice, and Romeo and Juliet. These literary mentions were subtle and well integrated which adds some fun elements of relatability. Overall I found myself reading the entire book in one sitting (approximately 6-7 hours) straight to finish it. That said, I think it’s safe to say this was a very good read and my time was in no way wasted! Shannon Morton and Amber Lynn Natusch’s writing is clever and makes for a guaranteed fun reading experience. I can’t wait to grab the next installment as I’m looking forward to reading how everything will play out!

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