REVIEW by Dolly: Mortal Ties (World of the Lupi #9 ) by Eileen Wilks (@eileenmwilks , @fidget78)

FBI agent Lily Yu is living at Nokolai Clanhome with her fiancé, lupi Rule Turner, when an intruder penetrates their territory, stealing the prototpye of a magical device the clan hopes will be worth a fortune–if a few bugs can be worked out . . .
But the protoytpe can be dangerously erratic, discharging a bizarre form of mind magic—and it looks like the thief wants it for that very side effect. Worse, whoever stole the device didn’t learn about it by accident. There’s a Nokolai traitor in their midst.
Lily and Rule have to find the traitor, the thief, and the prototype. One job proves easy when the thief calls them–and his identity rocks Rule’s world. 
As they race to recover their missing property, they find Robert Friar’s sticky footprints all over the place. Robert Friar–killer, madman, and acolyte of the Old One the lupi are at war with–an Old One whose power is almost as vast as her ambition to rock the entire world . . .

mortal ties

It just seems like I’m hooked on series. This is  complicated, well developed series by Eileen Wilks.

There are main characters but the peripheral characters are extremely important and some even star their own books or short stories. While it’s called the Lupi Series, there are all sorts of different species, characters and story lines. The basic, and I mean basic, premise is good versus evil. Don’t base your decision on that line because this series is so much more.

You are going to fall in love with Lily, Rule and one of my favorites, Grandmother. Cullen and Cyanna are not to be missed either.  Each and every character is developed in depth and the scene setting is top notch.  These are not quick, easy reads.  This is another series where you should become invested in the story and commit to Ms Wilks’ imagination.  I begin reading one of her books and the next thing I know, 2 hours have passed.  Also, the books should be read in order.  While each title is a complete novel with the main story, there are things that are not totally wrapped up in each installment.  It sure whets your appetite for the next in the series. 

I always check Ms Wilks’ website to see when I can expect the next novel and I make sure I mark my calendar. 

My Rating:  4.75


Dolly New

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    Looks like a good one, Dolly. Thanks!

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