REVIEW by Lorna: The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden by Jessica Sorensen (@jessfallenstar , @Mollykatie112)

There are those who don’t get luck handed to them on a shiny platter, who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, who don’t get saved.

Luck was not on Callie’s side the day of her twelfth birthday when everything was stolen from her. After it’s all over, she locks up her feelings and vows never to tell anyone what happened. Six years later her painful past consumes her life and most days it’s a struggle just to breathe.

For as long as Kayden can remember, suffering in silence was the only way to survive life. As long as he did what he was told, everything was okay. One night, after making a terrible mistake, it seems like his life might be over. Luck was on his side, though, when Callie coincidentally is in the right place at the right time and saves him.

Now he can’t stop thinking about the girl he saw at school, but never really knew. When he ends up at the same college as Callie, he does everything he can to try to get to know her. But Callie is reserved and closed off. The more he tries to be part of her life, the more he realizes Callie might need to be saved.


I found this book after reading a review about it. Not sure why it interested me so much that I bought it but I am so glad I did. It is what they call a new adult book, meaning you should be over 18 to read it and there are sexual situations that you won’t find in a young adult book.
Callie has a secret that she has kept since she was 12. The secret changed her whole life and caused her to be the damaged young woman she is when we first meet her. She is 18 and going away to college. Her family doesn’t understand her nor does anyone in her town. She has no friends and dresses like a goth. Kayden is one of the most popular guys from Callies high school. And he is just as damaged as Callie.  Even though their families socialize, he doesn’t have anything to do with Callie. A couple of days before leaving for college, she is able to save Kayden from a horrible beating from his father. He finally sees her.  Two months later Callie has blossomed at her new school. She has a gay bff now named Seth. He is a wonderful character and is also damaged. He is the most important reason that Callie is changing her whole life. They have a list-kind of a bucket list of things they want to do to change their life and they are crossing things off as they do them.  Kayden comes back into the story as they are at the same college and finally run into each other. He doesn’t recognize her at first because she has changed so much. First they all become friends, Callie, Kayden, Seth and Luke(Kayden’s roommate and best friend from home) and gradually it becomes more.  Callie and Kayden’s love story was one of the most touching romances I have read in years. The best thing is that we get to see it from both points of view. There’s so many books that I wish would do this and it really made this book better because of this.
This is book 1 of 2 in the Coincidence Series. The second one, The Redemption of Callie and Kayden is being released in 2013 and really can’t come soon enough for me. It had one of the most major cliffhangers I have ever read. It’s one of those books I won’t soon forget and I definitely recommend it to any romance lover. I give it 5 stars. I loved it!

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  1. I heard so much awesome about this book! Glad you loved it Lorna!

  2. lornak99 says: surprised me how good it was because I had heard really nothing about it except the review I read.

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