REVIEW by Jena: The Blood of Cowards by Matt Cole

The vampire, Lazarus Kalon, is on his way back to Atlanta to liberate his treasure before the city falls to Sherman’s army.  Sick from a prolonged thirst, Lazarus, encounters three rebel deserters in the Appalachians.  The vampire anti-hero closes in on the deserters, intending only to feed his thirst. Yet, Lazarus is soon overcome by a supernatural awareness that one of these soldiers may be worthy of the immortal gift.


The Blood of Cowards is another dark fantasy short story from author Matt Cole.  Mr. Cole sent me a copy of this title for review and as this is a short story, my review will be a short one to avoid blowing any plot lines.  

As with my feelings on his short story Abode of the Damned, I was very impressed with Matt Cole’s imagery.  He’s definitely got a natural talent for painting a picture.  The Blood of Cowards is another one that pulls you in right away and keeps you interested.  I was highly impressed with the story.

My only hang up with The Blood of Cowards was I felt the ending was a bit lackluster.  It really didn’t do the rest of this fabulously written story justice.  However, I would ask that you not let that deter you from giving the story a try.

Overall, I am giving The Blood of Cowards 3 stars.  A solid story and worth a read.


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