REVIEW by Lorna : Shades of Blood (Jude Magdalyn #3) By L.M. Pruitt (@lmpruitt , @Mollykatie112)

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

Felipe, one of New Orleans’s most infamous–and crazy–vampires is back in town. And to say he’s unhappy is an understatement.

Duprees and Williams have to track down Felipe, fast, before he claims any more victims. If that means making a deal with the Devil–otherwise known as St. Germaine–and using an untrained dhampir, so be it.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also got rebellious teenagers, feuding couples, and a suddenly full social calendar.

The more things change….

shades of blood

This is the third book of the Jude Magdalyn series. These books are rich in the sounds, sights and even smells of New Orleans.  The author really knows how to make the  city of New Orleans come to life for the reader.

This time around, Jude is still very pregnant and Williams’s niece Danie is driving everyone crazy with her trouble making antics. Duprees is crushing on Danie instead of Elizabeth which means he is still spending a lot of his time at Jude’s home. Meanwhile an old vampire has come home to New Orleans and is killing other vampires. Felipe is seeking revenge against the two brothers that changed him into a vampire. He is going to keep killing unless he is given the brothers.The killings are pretty gruesome, involving acid. Jude and the rest of the members of the Covenant are pulled into the hunt for Felipe. Along the way there are some major surprises especially concerning Jude’s pregnancy. Elizabeth and Rian are still dancing around each other,both still not telling the other how they feel. Of course Theo is still with Jude. I would love to see Williams and Jude get together at some point. Of course that would mean that Jude would be heartbroken,so maybe not.

I enjoyed the book, but maybe not as much as the two previous books, as I was able to put it down halfway through for over a month before going back and finishing it. The whole series is engaging and I love the character of Jude. She is still sarcastic and real. She is definitely getting a lot smarter in the ways of the paranormal life she is leading. It is interesting to see her character come into her own as the leader. And just to be clear, there is a cliffhanger at the end, not a major one but it’s there.  I would definitely recommend this to any paranormal romance readers.

I give it 4 stars.
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