REVIEW by Jena: On Our Own (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Vol. 2)

With the Scooby gang on the skids, Buffy finds herself increasingly alone. When faced with some tough decisions grounded in “real world” problems (i.e., not the slaying of pesky demons), Buffy is determined to make her own choices, but that doesn’t mean she won’t need a little handholding along the way. Cue Spike, compelled to stand by his best friend in her moment of need. Together they’ll tackle the increasing zompire population and a rogue Slayer out for blood. The smash hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 continues with Andrew Chambliss, Scott Allie, Georges Jeanty, and Cliff Richards!



When I was in the throws of my Buffy addiction back in the day, I read a lot of Buffy novels and I loved them.   While perusing the available titles on NetGalley, I spotted the familiar faces of Buffy and Spike on the cover of this graphic novel and I couldn’t pass it up.  As much as I loved the Angel/Buffy story line, I LOVED SPUFFY.  So I gave it a shot.

The unfortunate side of picking up a graphic novel that is set up in volumes like a comic book is that they are not one-off stories.  Which means I was dropped in the middle of  story line.  It took me some getting used to and I am still not sure why they’re traveling in an airship but aside from not being clear on a few details, I quickly fell into step with the story.

And I still love Spuffy!!!

It was an entertaining story line with a lot of the same characters we know and love from the series.  I liked  the title enough that I am going to carry on with the series and possibly even reread some of the old Buffy books I still have on my shelf.

I give On Our Own Volume 2 a solid 3.5 stars!



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  1. boomergrl49 says:

    I loved the Buffy t.v. series, and have always planned to read the graphic novels but have not done so. I NEED to! Good review Jena!

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