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It’s the book Julianna Stone fans have been waiting for: the story of Azaiel, the ultimate fallen angel, as he fights the forces of evil in a desperate attempt to save his true love. King of the Damned is one of the biggest, darkest, most powerfully romantic League of Guardians books yet. New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon says that Julianna Stone is “on her way to becoming a paranormal favorite.” We couldn’t agree more. King of the Damned is a perfect read for fans of paranormal romances, and books by Christine Feehan, Nalini Singh, and Pamela Palmer.

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King of the Damned was my first time reading anything by Juliana Stone and I loved it!

I went into this book much like I do a lot of others – I knew nothing about the author and I knew nothing about the series. In fact, I didn’t even know it was part of a series. All I knew was it was a urban fantasy / paranormal romance from the fine folks at Avon Books and they hadn’t steered me wrong yet. So I snagged off of Edelweiss and put it in my to-be-read pile. Shortly thereafter I became a member of the Avon Addicts and when I started organizing The Avon Affair (a 14-day Avon Books review event) with my fellow addicts I decided I wanted it to be one of my first reads for the event.

I was immediately sucked in. Rowan James, the main female lead is a badass among badasses. She’s calm and cool and can bring the pain when needed. I had a blast reading her as a character and UGH!! Her backstory!!! Marked by a demon to claim as his own thanks to a generations-old “curse” brought upon her thanks to nothing but her family tree. She had a somewhat sordid past and there was a huge event that caused her to hit the road and leave her home town years ago, leaving her family and all its crap behind her.

Well, you can’t run from your past.

She ends up back in Salem under shitty circumstances and immediately gets pulled into the middle of a battle for her….I would say soul but that’s not exactly what the demon wants. Wink wink. Upon returning, she meets Azaiel. Oh lordy…

Azaiel is pure alpha male. He’s gorgeous. He’s built like a Roman god on steroids. He’s mysterious as all hell. All Rowan knows is that he’s not human…..but she doesn’t much care. She needs help with what she’s about to face and he’s a great candidate for the job.

Azaiel was also a fun character to read but at the same time, that mysterious streak I mentioned has a tendency to be irritating on a whole new level of irritating that I didn’t know was possible. I spent a good portion of the book thinking “what is this man’s deal??!?!” In all fairness, as I mentioned, I didn’t know that King of the Damned was part of a series until I was about 75% of the way through reading it. With that being said, there’s a possibility that King of the Damned is not Azaiel’s first appearance in this world. Also, the important details about what he is and where he came from are somewhat revealed by the end of the book. Enough to satisfy the curiosity give an explanation about what he is.

King of the Damned was also action-packed from beginning to end. The action in this story literally takes off right from page one and doesn’t stop all the way through the book. The plot is intriguing and keeps you anxiously turning the page to find out what happens next. The dialog between characters is witty and at times it can be rather heart-wrenching. Nothing about this book felt stale and bland or over-written and a carbon copy of every other UF/PNR on the planet.

I was thoroughly impressed with King of the Damned and upon finding out that it is part of a series, I will most definitely be going back to read the first book in the series, Wicked Road to Hell. Also, according to Goodreads, the League of Guardians series is a spinoff of another series by her called the Jaguar Warriors series. Looks like my TBR pile is about to get a whole lot bigger!!

I give King of the Damned 5 stars!!! Can’t wait to see where this series goes!!


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  1. Azaiel love the name, HAVE not heard of this series 😀 so adding it to my list right now <3

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