GIVEAWAY AND REVIEW: Eve of Chaos (Marked #3) by Sylvia Day (@SylDay , @torbooks)


When Evangeline Hollis spent a night of passion with the darkly seductive Alec Cain, she had no idea that she’d be punished for it years later. Branded with the Mark of Cain, Eve was thrust into a life of hunting demons as penance.

Living with the Mark—and the two sexy brothers who come with it—was trouble enough. But then Eve ran over Satan’s hellhound during training. Now Satan, incensed at the loss of his pet, has put a bounty on Eve’s head, and every demon in the country wants to be the one to deliver her.

Meanwhile, Eve’s formerly insatiable one-night stand is acting distant. Cain says he still wants Eve, and she believes him, but scorching hot sex isn’t enough. Not after knowing what it was like to have more.

As Cain’s role in Eve’s life becomes more and more uncertain, Abel doesn’t hesitate to step in.

eve of chaos

Oooooooh, this series just keeps getting better!

Following the major events of Eve of Destruction, our little Evangeline is left with a shit storm of problems to fight through.  An archangel is missing, Alec isn’t acting normal and Reed is there with arms wide open to console her.  I would like to interject one small thought here:  #TEAMCAIN!!!!!  Like I said in my last review, I love Cain and Eve together and I hate the love triangle of Alec-Eve-Reed.  I don’t particularly like Reed.  I like Alec.  A lot.  Whine whine whine whine WHINE.  #TEAMCAIN!!!  Ok…..Moving on….

As with the previous two books in the series, this one is action packed from the start!  Everything about this series is fast paced and Eve of Chaos was no exception.  I loved it end-to-end.  Not to mention the fact that the big bad is a big big BIG bad and that always makes things more fun! 

I did suffer a touch of confusion from this one though.  The ending is kind of left open like the series should continue.  When I started reading these, I was under the impression that the Marked series is the Marked TRILOGY.  However, once I finished the book, I did a little poking around on Goodreads and found out that there is a novella called Eve of Warfare that is supposed to answer the remaining questions left dangling in the air.  One of the reviewers on there did state that Sylvia Day’s publishers want her to focus on new stories so they believe the series got scrapped because of it.  Her follow-up statement:  “BOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!”  Yes, I concur.  I would LOVE to see this series carry on.  I believe that this series could have easily been the next Kate Daniels in popularity.  Alas, it looks like that little novella is the end.  I have my fingers crossed that someone somewhere will change their mind and encourage the series to continue. 

Overall I am giving Eve of Choas a solid 5 stars!  A DEFINITE MUST READ.  I think that is only the second time I have ever given 5 stars to an entire series but the Marked series earned it 100%.  This will go down as one of my absolute favorite urban fantasy series!

In addition, seeing how good of a writer Sylvia Day is, I will definitely be checking out some of her other work in the future.

Thanks again to the fine folks at Tor Books for sending me the series for review!  I happen to love the arsenal of authors and works they have tucked away over there at Tor and have been lucky enough to get to read some AMAZING books published by them.  The Marked trilogy will always be highly recommended by me and I am so glad I had the opportunity to read it!

I just bought the Eve of Warfare novella and I am sure you can all guess what I will be doing tonight.  Wink wink!



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