REVIEW by Lorna: Death's Daughter (Realm Walker #2) by Kathleen Collins (@Kathy_Collins, @Mollykatie112)

Juliana Norris, Realm Walker with the Agency, is an Altered. A fact that she runs up against every time she’s forced to work with human police officers, and their species-ist commissioner, on cases they can’t solve themselves. Which happens more than they would like to admit.
Her gift—the quality that makes her the best Realm Walker in the business, without boast—is the ability to read magical signatures. Whether the gift came from her father, the dark fae god of death, or the mage mother she can’t remember, is anyone’s guess. And when Altered children start going missing with only wild magical signatures as clues, her heritage is the last thing on her mind.
She can’t afford such distractions, and she definitely can’t afford to worry about the fact that her mate, master vampire Thomas Kendrick, hasn’t spoken to her since she saved him from a demon—maybe it’s because she had to stab him to do so. Because whoever is kidnapping these children must be very powerful to wield wild magic. Very powerful, and very dangerous indeed.

I read and reviewed Realm Walker when it first came out and thought it was a well written, interesting Urban Fantasy. I really enjoyed it and now with this book, I think the author has outdone herself. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
What I liked about this book:
Juliana is what is known as a Realm Walker in a world where supernatural beings live side by side with humans. Realm Walkers are called in by the police whenever a crime involves an Altered as these beings are known regardless of type of being. There were so many different types of Altered and it was really fun to see what different character the author would come up with next. The weirdest had to be the part old man, part furry spider. Juliana is the daughter of the God of Death and is part Fae. She is still discovering all her magical talents and she thinks of them as party tricks. She has recently reunited, after seven years apart,with her United mate, Thomas, a master vampire. Needless to say, I thought the world building was pretty amazing and completely creative.

My favorite characters of course were Juliana and Thomas. Thomas is still pretty much in the doghouse due to leaving her seven years before, the day after their uniting. Juliana is having a hard time coming to terms with him being back in her life, since he pretty much broke her heart. I liked seeing Thomas doing his best to win her back. Juliana is beautiful, smart, engaging and the total sword carrying, alpha female. (I’ve been reading too many shifter books!) Thomas is the total hot guy package and adores Juliana.
The mystery in this story sucked me right in. Someone is killing Altered children. They are being abducted right out in public by someone using magic. Juliana is lead investigator on the case-and it’s a pretty heartbreaking case for all concerned. The investigation is fraught with danger for both children and Juliana. To add to her problems, she and Thomas are still dealing with the vampire that ruined her life while Thomas was gone.
There were so many times that previous cases are discussed, and I would like to read a book about some of them. This author does have quite the imagination and it was fun hearing about these cases.
What I didn’t like about this book:
Can’t honestly think of a thing. I found the book to be so easily read that I stayed up all night to do so. Major page turner for sure! Very well written, good characters, great romance, interesting bad guy,different premise,it had it all.

Who would I recommend this book to:
Any paranormal or Urban Fantasy fan, will like this book. Or even paranormal romance readers that like a suspense edge to their books. Of course with children as victims,it may turn some people off. I wasn’t exactly happy about it, but the book was just so plain good!

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