RELEASE DAY REVIEW by Lorna: Jane's Melody by Ryan Winfield (@Winfield​Ryan, @AtriaBooks, @Moll​ykatie112)

What boundaries would you cross for true love?
That’s the question a grieving mother must answer when she takes in a young street musician she believes can shed light on her daughter’s death—only to find herself falling for him. A sexy but touching love story that will leave you both tantalized and in tears, Jane’s Melody follows a forty-year-old woman on a romantic journey of rediscovery after years of struggling alone.
Sometimes our greatest gifts come from our greatest pain. And now Jane must decide if it’s too late for her to start over, or if true love really knows no limits.

There are so many romances being published these days, it’s hard to find one that stands out among the crowd. This book stood out for me and in a good way. I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Jane has just lost her daughter, Melody to drugs. Melody had been lost to her for years due to the depression that drove her to seek out a way to escape it and drugs were her way out. The story starts after the funeral at the cemetery. In her grief, Jane sits alone in her car looking at her daughter’s grave. A man comes, stands over the grave and places something on it, looks at Jane and leaves. Jane makes it her mission to find the young man in hopes of learning about her daughter’s life on the streets. What happens when she finds the young man and takes him off the streets, is the basis for this story.
What I liked about this book:
The romance between Jane and the young man, Caleb, was so honest and real. Jane is grieving and it made sense that she would turn to someone. When that someone is a homeless street musician, fifteen years her junior, it made for a different sort of story. Jane doesn’t trust her feelings and thinks her age is a real roadblock to her happiness, so it makes for an interesting take on a romance.

I loved the characters of Jane and Caleb. The writer knows how to write good characters that you end of really caring about. In particular, I really enjoyed Caleb. He was likable, honest and secure in his own skin. He’s not had a good life but when he meets Jane, he knows he has finally found where he belongs. Since this is a romance, that shouldn’t be a spoiler. On the other hand, Jane is pretty damaged by the years of her daughter’s addiction and eventual loss. She has made a very simple, but successful life for herself-with the exception being her daughter. Falling for Caleb will upset the balance of her life and there are reasons for this.
What I didn’t like about this book:
In a word? Nothing. I thought it was a well written book with wonderfully developed characters, good dialogue and ‘real’ situations. The book was heartbreaking at times and just almost feel good at other times. There was a good balance of this and I loved it. I was happy to learn that there will be sequel, Jane’s Harmony, due out later this summer. I will be reading it.

Who would I recommend this book to:
The obvious target audience for this book is adult romance readers. However, since it is about something bigger then just a romance- losing a child to drugs-I think it’s a book that others would be interested in reading, as it is so relevant to today’s culture.

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